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Hollywood ‘American Dream Movie’ Races Through NASCAR in New York

Hollywood, California based Majestic Wind Entertainment in conjunction with Prestige Entertainment, a Nashville based production company, announced today the official kick off of the brand new motion picture – “Ford and the American Dream.”

The dramatic movie introduction will debut Saturday, August 8 on the NASCAR Nationwide racing series at Watkins Glen International Raceway in upstate New York. The NASCAR Nationwide Ford Fusion 05 car, driven by Baker Curb Racing’s Brad Baker, will take the track to introduce this exciting new movie that’s coming to a theatre near you in the spring of 2010. The movie is based on the national bestseller book, Ford and the American Dream – Founded on Right Decisions written by Clifton Lambreth, Mary Calia, Melissa Webb and Patrick Doyle.

Spencer M. Clarke Jr., of Majestic Wind Entertainment and Jeff Goodwin of Prestige Entertainment have teamed up to produce the Ford and the American Dream movie. According to the film’s movie producer and director, Hollywood veteran, Spencer M. Clarke Jr., “This film will remind the world of what made America great by returning common sense leadership to common practice in business today. The movie brings back Mr. Carman (the ghost of Henry Ford) to provide the timeless wisdom and advice to business and world leaders. The movie will provide entertainment, humor and leadership as historical figures return to the screen to remind leaders of today how to lead in challenging economic times.”

Author Clifton Lambreth, a twenty- five year veteran of the Ford Motor Company, quoted Mr. Carman in Ford and the American Dream: “When you do the right thing, at the right time, with the right motivation, you will get the right results. But even more importantly, you will earn the right to expect others to do the same.”

Patrick Doyle, co-author of Ford and the American Dream and a twenty-four year veteran of Ford added, “There is no limit to what someone can accomplish as long as they don’t mind who gets the credit.”

Lambreth goes on to explain, “The American Dream was the same for our grandparents, parents and us, for our children and grandchildren and it’s the same for yours. That dream means we work very hard to create a better world for our children and grandchildren. It should be simple – it’s the American Dream! But it seems as though many of our business and political leaders have lost their way when you look at our country’s current economic situation with so many people out of work and many companies struggling. Without change, our children could be the first generation not to achieve the American Dream.”

The movie’s producer and director Spencer M. Clarke Jr. stated, “This movie will detail the dramatic turn-around at Ford under the new leadership team. Rather than take the government bailout, Ford rolled up its sleeves and are working things out. The leadership lessons from this movie apply to business, political and community leaders seeking to return America to the greatness we once enjoyed.” The movie will be in theaters across America in the spring of 2010.

The NASCAR Nationwide Ford Fusion 05 car is sponsored by Spencer M. Clarke Jr. of the California based Majestic Wind Entertainment, Ford and the American Dream movie team, TeCoup, Ronnie Watkins Ford, Clear Channel Communications, Inc., WGMZ, Z-93.1 and WAAX, AM 570 and the Sportsmen’s Legacy Foundation.;

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