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Autobytel Launches New Cutting-Edge Lead Verification Technology Platform

Autobytel Leads Get Faster, Smarter and Better with New Lead Intelligence Technology Powered by TARGUSInfo

Autobytel announces the launch of its new and dramatically upgraded lead Quality Verification System®, the latest in a series of initiatives that have contributed to higher closing ratios on new and used car leads for Autobytel dealers. The new sophisticated QVS program represents an exponential leap forward in lead verification processing and includes an integrated rapid analysis and filtering of each lead, meaning dealers receive more actionable information, more quickly on each potential customer – all of which is designed to generate significantly higher lead quality, increased closing rates and more cost-efficient new and used car sales.

“Faster, Smarter and Better, are the three elements we focused on as we re-engineered the platform supporting our leading-edge Quality Verification System,” said Mark Garms COO of Autobytel Inc. “Our new state-of-the-art ‘intelligent’ verification technology powered by TARGUSinfo – in combination with our ability to leverage the industry’s best sources of in-market car-buyers and our powerful lead follow-up tools – is set to generate major gains for our dealer network in one of the most challenging times for our industry.”

Autobytel’s new Quality Verification Platform is designed to generate leads that are:
· Faster: New, more automated technology means leads are delivered almost instantaneously
· Smarter: An increase in the number of data sources via TARGUSinfo’s proprietary network – and its patented intelligence processes that link together the most complete name, address and phone data – means greater lead filtering and the delivery of more qualified and relevant leads, with more actionable information
· Better: The new technology virtually eliminates lead duplication, increases the number of variables for verifying the quality of each lead

“As one of the leading innovators in the online automotive industry, Autobytel is known for its commitment to providing its thousands of dealer and OEM customers with millions of the industry’s highest quality leads,” said David Wengel, general manager, TARGUSinfo. “Having spent the last 16 years successfully helping our customers identify, verify, score and locate prospective buyers at the moment of contact, we are pleased to help power Autobytel’s QVS to provide even more precise, relevant and actionable leads for their dealer base.”

Autobytel’s new Quality Verification System platform is part of the company’s comprehensive new and used car lead programs, which have been specifically engineered for the challenging economic times to provide its member dealers and OEM partners with the industry’s most cost-effective marketing programs. The Autobytel New and Used Car Programs connect dealers and OEMs with a steady flow of high-quality, in-market car buyers from Autobytel’s family of websites and other premium Internet brands, as well as providing a suite of value-added tools proven to help close those leads, including Rapid Responsesm, Custom Messagingsm, Email Managersm, and LeadCallsm.

Autobytel Inc. (NASDAQ: ABTL) is an automotive marketing services company that assists automotive dealers and manufacturers in the sale of vehicles. By connecting consumers to automotive dealers and manufacturers through internet lead referral programs and on-line advertising, Autobytel provides automotive dealers and manufacturers with opportunities to efficiently market their vehicles to potential customers. Autobytel purchases from third party sites and generates from its owned websites consumer requests for pricing and availability for new and used vehicles, as well as for vehicle financing, and sells these leads primarily to its automotive dealer and manufacturer customers. Leads are purchased from a network of supplier websites, such as Edmunds, Kelley Blue Book and Yahoo!. Autobytel owns consumer-facing automotive websites, including®,®,®, Car.comsm,®,®, and®, that provide consumers with information and tools to aid them with their automotive decisions. In addition to advertising opportunities on its owned websites, Autobytel provides advertising opportunities for automotive manufacturers and other automotive advertisers through the company’s marketing network, which includes the automotive sections of third party co-branded websites operated by Autobytel, such as and the Autobytel AutoReach advertising network.

TARGUSinfo, the leading provider of On-Demand InsightSM, provides unique identification, verification, scoring and location solutions that enable communication service providers, retailers, call-center operators, Web-based marketers and others to dramatically increase the quality of their services and the effectiveness of their marketing. A privately held company, TARGUSinfo is headquartered in Vienna, Va. For more information, visit

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Thu. July 18th, 2024

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