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Motoman Inc., a leading industrial robot manufacturer, and Agile Planet, Inc., developers of advanced robotics software, have entered into a partnership that will provide commercial users with a leading-edge hardware and software solution for dual-arm robots. The technology partnership will integrate a customized version of Agile Planet’s state-of-the-art, robot-independent manipulation software, KinematixTM, and Motoman’s high-dexterity dual-arm and other robots.
“To date, advanced dual-arm and highly dexterous robot arms were available only from boutique firms,” says Roger Christian, vice president of marketing for Motoman. “Motoman’s entry in to this area provides industrial-grade quality, performance and worldwide availability. Combining this with Agile Planet’s Kinematix software offers the best of intelligent software and hardware to our robotics customers.” 

The Motoman and Kinematix offering provides users with a family of leading-edge robotic hardware and validated software featuring high-speed control, sensor integration, collision avoidance, telerobotics and motion planning capabilities. As a result, a new set of applications for unstructured environments is now possible that cannot be addressed with the “teach and repeat” capabilities offered in existing robot control systems. 

“We are very excited to be entering into a partnership with Motoman, a pioneer in the industrial robotics industry. Our combined solution is ideally suited for immediate service and emerging applications in defense and medical sectors,” says Chetan Kapoor, president and founder of Agile Planet. 

Motoman’s family of SDA-series robot arms features integral high-speed external control capability. Paired with Kinematix technology, the integrated system will be able to avoid collisions and optimize its trajectory, resulting in more advanced interactions with the surrounding environment. 

“Combining the SDA robots with Agile Planet’s control software will enable a whole new set of applications for unstructured environments that represents a significant breakthrough in robotic technology,” stated Erik Nieves, technology director for Motoman. These systems will be available globally for commercial use and deployment through Motoman.

Motoman provides robots and complete robotic automation for virtually every application and industry. Founded in 1989, Motoman has continually gained market share and is now one of the largest robotic solution providers in North and South America with more than 29,000 robotic installations. Motoman’s parent, Yaskawa Electric Corporation, is the world’s leading robot manufacturer with an installed base of more than 200,000 robots. For more information, visit 

Agile Planet develops advanced robotics software and partners with leading equipment manufacturers and commercial users to integrate these technologies for application in real-world medical, defense and industrial environments. With Agile Planet, organizations can leverage cutting-edge robotics technology and benefit from a new generation of performance capabilities including advanced intelligence and safety, ease-of-use and responsiveness. For more information, visit

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Sun. July 21st, 2024

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