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Platte River Power Authority – Converts Fleet to microGreen™ Extended Performance Oil Filter

Fleet Conversion Determined to Save Time and Money While Protecting the Environment

SOMS Technologies, LLC, developer and manufacturer of the microGreen™ Extended Performance Oil Filter, has announced that Platte River Power Authority based in Fort Collins, Colo. has converted about one-half of their fleet of hybrid and non-hybrid service vehicles to the Earth-friendly microGreen filter. The fleet conversion allows the utility to take significant steps toward supporting both the need to help sustain the environment and the need to reduce their fleet operating costs.

The microGreen Extended Performance Oil Filter has been proven through extensive laboratory and on-road testing to reduce oil maintenance costs by 65 percent, decrease the use of motor oil by 70 percent, and reduce the number of filter changes by 50 percent. The savings for fleets can be substantial, and was one of the deciding factors for Platte River Power Authority to make the change to the more ecologically sound microGreen filter.

Brian Moeck, Platte River Power Authority’s general manager, says, “Converting to the microGreen filter fits with our mission to be both sensitive to environmental concerns and improve operational efficiency to benefit our customers.”

Designed as two-filters-in-one, the microGreen filter looks and operates like a traditional oil filter; however its unique internal components include a patented microfilter that captures particles down to 2 microns in size. Traditional oil filters using paper filtration typically filter down to 25 or 30 microns. The double filtration of the microGreen filter keeps the oil cleaner and maintains the additive package, allowing vehicles to extend the use of motor oil up to 30,000 miles.

“Platte River Power Authority has a reputation for being environmentally proactive and financially responsible,” says Steve Kirchner, COO, SOMS Technologies. “We’re pleased that we could demonstrate that both goals can be readily accomplished with the microGreen filter. With budgets extremely tight for utilities, Platte River Power Authority saw that the savings could be realized quickly and consistently.”

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Wed. July 17th, 2024

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