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Clean Energy and Power, Inc. Open Letter to Stockholders

Dear Stockholders:

After some recent inquiries from stockholders, we would like to provide an update regarding the current direction of the company and, put some perspective on recent events and initiatives that were previously disclosed.

First, our former CEO, Bo Linton resigned to pursue other opportunities. Prior to his departure, Erwin Vahlsing, Jr. was appointed a Director and CEO. Mr. Vahlsing has been tasked with working to analyze, negotiate, and close on several opportunities the Company has been pursuing, as well as bring the Company’s SEC reports current. The Company continues to pursue solid opportunities in the area of clean energy services and alternate fuel replacement technologies. The core objective of these opportunities is they are either in operation, or with nominal time and effort can quickly produce revenue. Opportunities are ranked in the terms of their net return to the Company and include an analysis of:

1. The initial investment required
2. The speed to bring the operation on line and produce revenue 3. The opportunity to bring efficiency to the operation enhancing income
and profitability
4. Attractiveness of the opportunity to raise needed capital to acquire
and grow the acquisition
5. The ability to positively impact the market
6. Viability of the technology or operation to positively impact the

We are evaluating and negotiating several opportunities, which we will disclose as warranted.

We are planning on the update and overhaul of our website to more effectively communicate our business, and the market as we see it.
It will also include ongoing updates of various partnerships and agreements that we have reached.

The Company continues to work on bringing its delinquent filings current with the SEC. The change in management has caused a delay in the planned date of October 30, 2009 for bringing the SEC reports current. We expect to be completed with the filings by December 15, 2009.

We will continue to provide additional updates of the acquisitions and partnerships in the coming weeks and months.

Erwin Vahlsing, Jr.

About Clean Energy and Power

The Company is focused on alternative energy opportunities. The Company is dedicated to acquiring fully developed environmental projects and putting them into production.

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