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Direct Manufacturing. Going way beyond rapid prototyping

Until now, true Direct Manufacturing of assemblies and structures was considered out of reach.

With Sciaky’s exclusive Direct Manufacturing (DM) technique, which utilizes Electron Beam or Arc (TIG) welding technologies, the advantages and cost-savings of DM are here, now. The technology is real. And it’s ready to impact your profits, your efficiency, the entire way you look at your manufacturing and rapid prototyping processes.

And we’re not talking about one-off experimental prototypes. With Sciaky’s exclusive DM process, you can have functional prototypes, even manufactured parts, when you need them, at a fraction of the cost of traditional manufacturing. Without the long lead times.

Whatever metals you choose, for virtually any configuration, Sciaky’s DM technology is the low-cost answer to part development and manufacturing. Whether you need a
prototype part for prove out, or a full-scale production run of virtually any other type of component, in large or small batches, Sciaky has the flexibility and muscle to help you achieve your manufacturing goals.

“Manufacturers finally have a true Direct Manufacturing solution that will save money and boost efficiency,” said Scott Phillips, president of Sciaky, Inc. “Sciaky’s DM solution is the first robust, fully programmable means of achieving near-net shape parts, ready to undergo finish machining.”

DM with Electron Beam 

With Sciaky’s flexible DM process, a part can be designed on virtually any CAD system. The part program is then downloaded into Sciaky’s exclusive control system. Using wire-feed, the fully articulated, moving electron beam gun deposits the metal, layer by layer, until the part is complete. With Sciaky’s DM process, you can achieve sustained deposition rates of 15 to 40 pounds of metal per hour. Depending on the part being manufactured, much higher rates are readily attainable.

DM with ARC (TIG) 

Recently an engine manufacturer came to Sciaky with a special challenge: Create a better piston head that could withstand significantly higher temperatures than standard. Sciaky responded to the challenge by modifying their Arc (TIG) DM process, and “coating” the piston head with Inconel using a proprietary TIG technique. The result? A more robust piston with nearly 30% greater life.

Here are just a few of the ways the Sciaky DM process improves upon outdated fabrication processes, and impacts your bottom line:

Drastically reduces your material costs

Dramatically shortens your lead times

Slashes machining time by as much as 80%

Less costly than forgings or castings

Eliminates waiting for dies, molds and costly billets

Sciaky’s DM process is also ideal for:

Meeting rapid response requirements and small lot orders

Repairing mis-machined parts in manufacturing

Creating hybrid structures with the ability to vary alloy and chemistry throughout a part’s geometry

Are you ready to find out how Sciaky’s exclusive DM technology can help you in your fabricating process? See a demonstration of our exclusive technology on display at the FABTECH International & AWS Welding Show at McCormick Place in Chicago, November 15-18, 2009, booth #39053.

Visit us online at, or give us a call at (708) 594-3800 to learn more.

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