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Green and Clean for 30 Years

In 1979 a first-class letter cost just 15 cents to mail, the unemployment rate was 5.8 percent nationwide, and, even more important, environmental concerns were on the rise. Following the accident at Three Mile Island and a sustained gas shortage, consumers were starting to take more notice of natural resources and environmental conditions.

1979 was also the year that Clean Burn® was founded. Designed to support a clean environment, Clean Burn furnaces and boilers transform used-oil generated by cars, trucks, heavy equipment, boats, RVs and other vehicles into free heat. Rather than haul away used motor oil and risk environmental spills and contamination of the earth, owners of EPA-approved Clean Burn units gain free heat while making a positive environmental impact.

Motor Oil Solutions 

Looking at a new can of motor oil, you’d never guess that the clear, amber-colored liquid could do so much damage to our environment. After a few months in a car engine, that same oil appears dark and sludgy.

According to Dr. William D. Siuru, PhD, PE, motor oil doesn’t “wear out” … it just gets dirty over time. One gallon of motor oil, which can come from a single oil change, when not disposed of properly, can contaminate up to one million gallons of freshwater. Siuru reflects that this is equivalent to a year’s supply of water for 50 people.

“Clean Burn products were created with the dual purpose of efficiently and safely recycling used motor oil while also transforming it into a resource,” says Morris Mantey, vice president marketing for Clean Burn. “Each year millions of gallons of used-oil are recycled through Clean Burn furnaces and boilers worldwide to provide free heat. This tremendous amount of used-oil would otherwise be transported on highway systems and pose a considerable risk to spills and/or contamination to the environment.”

Mantey believes the units are a wise selection for operations that produce a large quantity of used oil — such as car repair shops, transportation fleet systems and agricultural equipment companies. “The return-on-investment with these units is amazing,” says Mantey. “They eliminate the liability and costs of taking used motor oil off-site for disposal while also lowering heating costs and saving energy.”

The wide variety of industries saving on energy costs by using Clean Burn systems include farms and agri-businesses, excavation and mining companies, recycling and salvage facilities, new car dealerships, carwashes, tire and quick lube centers, construction companies, automotive service and repair facilities and fleet operation centers. “For 30 years we’ve sold Clean Burn units to companies producing more than 500 gallons of used motor oil a year,” says Mantey. “Those are all forward-thinking, environmentally-responsible companies that make it possible for our resources to be reused, recycled and reinvested for the future.”

Clean Burn is an ENERGY STAR® partner. The company holds numerous industry certifications and works with the U.S. government, the Environmental Protection Agency and various associations to help coordinate the establishment of standards and regulations related to heat recovery and recycling efforts involving used motor oils. For more information on Clean Burn, visit or call 1-800-331-0183.

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