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Micro Bubble Technologies Inc. Signs Second Multi-Million Dollar Agreement for Distribution Rights

Micro Bubble Technologies Inc, the operating subsidiary of EcoloCap Solutions Inc. (OTCBB: ECOS), has further enhanced distribution of its Carbon Nano Tube Battery (CNT-Battery) by signing a multi-million dollar distribution agreement with HALO Renewable Energy LLC (“Halo”), of Portland, OR. Halo has obtained distribution rights of the CNT-Battery for “non-wheeled” applications in North America, in addition to the U.S distribution rights to MBT’s M-Fuel. Halo was initially founded to exploit its proprietary system to manage energy storage and electrical systems for wind and solar applications. Halo’s extensive industry experience uniquely positions them to capitalize on the CNT-Batteries’ diverse applications. David Hice, CEO of Halo said, “The CNT-Battery is the final answer in our search for the ultimate energy storage and management system.”

This news release compliments the previous announcement pertaining to the Next-Alternative Inc. $2M agreement to acquire the rights to distribute the CNT-Battery for “wheeled applications” in North America.

MBT will be establishing two initial production lines for the CNT-Battery. One will be dedicated to Next-Alternative for transportation applications, the other to Halo for large enterprise applications. Each line will have the ability to produce 25,000 batteries per month initially. The CNT-Battery yields up to 8 times the reserve capacity, recharges in less than ten minutes, and comes with a 5 year limited replacement guarantee if the battery is charged with the MBT designed charger system.

Michael Siegel, President of EcoloCap Solutions Inc. and CEO of Micro Bubble Technologies Inc. stated: “The execution of these agreements is a significant achievement for the company. We anticipate much success with our North American distributors and look forward to further developing the CNT-Battery lines with them.”

About The Company: Micro Bubble Technologies Inc. (“MBT”), a subsidiary of EcoloCap Solutions Inc. (OTCBB: ECOS), is a “green” nanotechnology company, focused on improving alternative energy solutions through the development and marketing of their nanotechnology-based energy products. MBT’s Carbon Nano Tube Battery (CNT-Battery) demonstrated to have 8 times the energy reserve capacity of traditional lead-acid batteries, 2.5 times that of lithium-ion batteries and a recharge time of 5 to 10 minutes; all for a slight premium over the price of a similar type battery. MBT’s M-Fuel technology processes heavy oils, with H plus O2 molecules, and a stabilizing additive through its proprietary Nano Processing Unit system. The resulting fuel provides a 60% reduction in emissions, a 40% reduction in fuel consumption, and up to a 25% reduction in cost of fuel and engine maintenance. M-Fuel will also enable certain users to generate additional revenue streams through the qualification of Carbon Credits. EcoloCap Solutions Inc. Canada, a subsidiary of EcoloCap Solutions Inc., provides comprehensive Carbon Credit Trading consultancy services to all M-Fuel users.

MBT markets its products worldwide either directly or through agreements with distributors and is presently exploring distributors in Europe, Asia, and Africa. For further details on the company and their technologies please visit the EcoloCap website,, or send an inquiry to

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Sun. July 21st, 2024

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