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Navigation & Location 2009 – 1-2 December, 2009, Crowne Plaza Hotel, San Jose, CA

Your best chance to meet Nav and LBS business developers; Nav&Loc US comes back for the 6th year!!

Basic turn-by-turn services are being pushed down the value chain. Traditional navigation players must now look more closely at innovative location-based services to generate new revenues and to secure their position in a market rocked by mobile Nav.

– Are in-car integrated navigation systems the best long term solution?

– How to generate revenues from Navigation Based Navigation?

Navigation and Location US, December 1-2 in San Jose is simply the show where those questions are answered. This year’s event focuses equally on each navigation platform with the sole aim of unearthing new ways to monetize Navigation Based Services.

To do that, the event brings together the top players representing the Car, PND and Mobile OEMs, Navigation and Location-Based Service providers, Geo content providers and Wireless carriers.

If you take a look at the speaker list you’ll see experts from such companies as Ford, Pioneer, Symbian, TomTom, Telenav, Nokia, Yelp and OSM. They will be on hand for two days to give you to the tools, advice and information you need to push your company forward.

Speakers include:

Andy Frankel, VP Business Operations, Nextar
Kal Mos, Engineering Director, Mercedes Benz / Daimler
Ted Cardenas, Director of Marketing – Mobile Entertainment, Pioneer
Mark Scalf, SYNC Product Manager, Ford
Sal Dhanani , Founder, Telenav
Marc Kleinmaier, Business Development Manager – LBS; Forum Nokia
Jessica Steel, Senior Vice President, Business Development, Pandora
Neeraj Choubey, Vice President, Venrock Associates
Rahul Sonnad, Founder, Geodelic
Steve Coast, Founder, OpenStreetMap
Julien Fourgeaud, Roadmap Catalyst – Roadmap and Propositions, Symbian Foundation
Mark Neff, Senior Director, Business Development, Networks In Motion

Nav&Loc 09 is specifically designed to give you a broad and balanced view of the Navigation market outlook and the Location application opportunities, whilst ensuring every stakeholder group is represented.

Together they will look at the key issues in the Navigation and location market right now including

* Where the market is heading, what are the options left to PND and car manufacturers?
* What partnerships will enable the monetization of the LBS layer of Navigation apps?
* Investigate Connected PND, Augmented Reality, UI transfer and much more
* Discover how to use voice and context awareness to Upgrade Navigation Search “results” to “recommendations”

And a whole lot more…

Check the full agenda:  

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We look forward to seeing you in San Jose this December and if you require any additional information about this event please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,


Thomas Hallauer
T: +44 (0) 207 375 7185 (Direct)
USA: 1800 814 3459 ext 7185

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