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5th International exhibition INTERAUTO 2009

Moscow, Crocus Expo International Exhibition Centre

One of the largest and the most significant events for the automotive market of Russia, the fifth edition of the International exhibition INTERAUTO 2009, took place August 26 through 30, 2009 at the Crocus Expo International Exhibition Centre.

INTERAUTO 2009 was officially supported by the Ministry for Transport of the Russian Federation, the Government of the Moscow Region, the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the Association of Russian Carmakers NP and other governmental, professional and public bodies.

More than 670 exhibitors from 16 countries (Belarus, Germany, Denmark, Italy, China, Columbia, United Arab Emirates, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, USA, and Check Republic) demonstrated their goods and services at INTERAUTO 2009 this year. The key players of the national automobile industry were presented by VAZ, KAMAZ, ZIL and GAZ. The exhibition was accommodated in two fairground pavilions: second pavilion (halls â„–â„– 5, 8) and third pavilion (halls â„–â„– 12, 13, 14) according to thematic location of the companies:

• passenger cars
• trucks and lorries
• buses
• car care products
• lacquers
• paint
• repair related disposals
• components
• maintenance and repair equipment and tools
• tires and disks
• car accessories

The exhibit space of the Interauto-2009 fair comprised 40 000 sq m.

AvtoVAZ has unveiled four debuts at once within the frames of the 5th International exhibition InterAuto. Station wagon LADA PRIORA and updated version of LADA 4Ñ…4 were unveiled in commercial cars section. And LADA PRIORA SPORT’s debut was the result of LADA SPORT’s team participation in the World Touring Car Championship (WTCC).
KAMAZ kept up with AvtoVAZ. KAMAZ presented grandiose changes in the modeling family of KAMAZ vehicles. The exposition presented a number of restyled vehicles of the new line. KAMAZ-5308, bolster-type tractor KAMAZ-5340, dump trucks KAMAZ-6520 and KAMAZ-65115 were presented in a new light. Literally all units, assemblies and systems of the vehicles had been modified and restyled. All presented cars were equipped with modernized cabins which favourably differed from former models.

GAZ stand also impressed the guests of the show demonstrating electric vehicle Gazel-Electro. There is no internal combustion engine but the vehicle is put in motion by an electric motor. And chrome plated medium load capacity truck GAZ – 33104 Valdai equipped with isometric van amazed public with its unforgettable design.

The stand of Topcar company attracted with their five fantastic black matte cars each of which was notable for unbelievable tuning. One of them was really «a rara avis »: spectacularly sparkling Dutch supercar Spyker C8 Double 12 equipped with 600 hp Audi engine.

INTERAUTO 2009 visitors enjoyed every minute of the exhibition visiting. Exposition impressed by technical characteristics and fine design.

The business program of the show was also saturated and diverse. The Press Conference for the representatives of mass media was held August 26, 2009. After the Press Conference everybody was invited to the Official Opening Ceremony of the show INTERAUTO 2009. After the Press Conference the exhibiton was opened for general public. The 2nd Professional Conference of Russian AutoDealers was held August 27-28, 2009 within the frames of the exhibition INTERAUTO 2009. The organizer of the conference was the Association of Russian AutoDealers (ROAD).

It should be noted that one of the most important results of the exhibition was conclusion of a considerable quantity of contracts for participation in InterAuto 2010. This fact underlines the commercial effectiveness for exhibitors which had managed to establish quite a number of business contacts within the frames of the exhibition and to strengthen their positions in the market segment.

The exhibition was no less interesting for mass media also what is proved by the quantity of journalists who have visited the event: about 500 journalists from 170 mass media (editions, television channels, radio stations and Internet portals).

Just INTERAUTO 2009 became a platform for a plot shooting of one of Russian Sensations programs by NTV television channel. The film crew and Za Rulem Editor-in-chief decided to shoot a plot in which Leonid Klimanovich proved the «triangle theorem» by means of rich life experience and colour pieces of chalk right in the exhibition centre. 

The organizers would like to express their gratitude to all exhibitors and visitors of the 5th International exhibition INTERAUTO for their interest to the show. The exhibition undoubtedly became a bright and unforgettable event of the automobile and exhibition year in Russia.