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Discover Energy Corp. named Exclusive Partner for e-Ride Industries, Manufacturer Of NEVs

Discover Energy Corp., the market leader in Clean & Green Stored Energy Solutions, was named the exclusive battery solution for e-Ride Industries, a manufacturer of Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEV) & Electric Utility Vehicles. The popularity of NEVs is growing within several retirement and urban communities; an NEV is limited to 25 m.p.h. and restricted to posted roads of 35 MPH and less.

The NEV market has been growing consistently over the past few years and is predicted to continue its growth for the next couple of years. By partnering with Discover, e-Ride is able to offer clean and green, maintenance free and environmentally friendly utility and transportation vehicles. E-ride vehicles are presently being used in a variety of uses including Military and Fleet applications, state and federal parks, colleges, universities and large facilities.

Discover was chosen by e-Ride Industries because of the maintenance-free run-time its batteries provide. Discover EV Traction Dry Cell blocks provide extended life and allow e-Ride customers to achieve a consistent 35 to 45 miles range.

Discover Energy Corp’s Clean & Green EV Traction Dry Cell Batteries allows e-Ride to offer their customers the highest quality power solutions available on the market today. Discover Batteries are Non-Hazardous and Maintenance-free, which virtually eliminates battery maintenance costs and time, and helps to avoid premature battery replacement.

“The market for NEV’s is growing quickly and our batteries are specifically designed to offer maintenance-free, longer run times which equates to a huge cost savings on labor and premature replacement of batteries,” said Darwin Sauer, VP Business and Product Development for Discover Energy Corp.

e-Ride Industries offers two models, the exv4 electric transportation vehicle and the exv2 electric utility vehicles. Both Vehicles are offered with a wide array of options to suit any individual needs. e-Ride is enjoying great success all across the country, from California to Florida and looks forward to new advancements in new models and to future products currently in development. e-Ride is also a large GSA supplier; GSA oversees the business of the U.S. federal government. GSA’s acquisition solutions supplies federal purchasers with cost-effective high-quality products and services from commercial vendors.

Discover Energy Corp., based in Vancouver, British Columbia, combines more than 60 years of seasoned management in the power protection, power generation and energy storage industry. Discover Energy Corp. is committed to being the leader in stored energy products, and the “go-to” company for solutions in the EV Traction Deep Cycle Battery industry. Discover Energy Corp. manufactures and distributes a full line-up of Clean and Green, maintenance-free, and non-hazardous advanced power blocks in 2, 6, 8, and 12-volt footprints, with application across multiple industries. Through innovative product development and impeccable knowledge-based services, Discover Energy Corp’s worldwide distribution sets the standard for dependable and maintenance-free Advanced Dry Cell power blocks.

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Mon. July 15th, 2024

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