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HH2 Hydrogen Water Cell Reduces Greenhouse Gases, Exhaust Emissions

EPA Reports Exhaust Harms the Planet. HH2 Hydrogen Water Cell Reduces Greenhouse Gases, Exhaust Emissions Helps Reduce Global Warming.

HH2(TM) HYDROGEN WATER FUEL CELL CLEAN AIR COMBUSTION SYSTEM at LOS ANGELES AUTO SHOW, KENTIA HALL, K-830, DECEMBER 3RD thru 13TH 2009. HYDROGEN VAPOR FROM WATER invention cleans toxic emissions, boosts engine power, adds performance and improves fuel economy mileage.

HH2 Hydrogen is the company ready to help the Planet. Patent Pending system creates Hydrogen and Oxygen gas vapors extracted separately from water & input both of the gases directly into Air Cleaner intake. HH2 fits all existing fossil fuel vehicles.

The HH2 system works with gasoline, Diesel and CNG. No on board storage required, no stopping to fill up Hydrogen from a station. Unit licensing will be available to Auto Makers, OEM’s and manufacturers’ world wide.

The unique HH2(TM) system extracts separated Hydrogen and Oxygen gas vapors from distilled water into small sized devices installed in a vehicle. The unit uses a little of the vehicles excess energy to produce just the right amount of Hydrogen and Oxygen gases required to blend with existing fuel to cause complete combustion of fuel inside the engine combustion chambers.

HH2 HYDROGEN incinerates most fuel toxins, poisons and particulate matter due to catalytic action (Octane 130), resulting in a clean warm moist air exhaust discharge. HH2 is not HHO/Browns gas.

Vehicles that require premium fuels now can use regular fuel when using HH2 Hydrogen systems.

CARB Executive Order D-643 for vehicles using Gasoline and Diesel fuels. CARB is accepted world wide as it is the toughest emissions agency in the world. Big Diesel testing is underway.

The system uses 12 Volt battery power and is very efficient, total burning of fuel results in increased fuel economy, cleaner exhaust and smoother running due to complete burning inside the engine. Please visit the company website at: www.HH2.US for more detailed information. HH2 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Devices have no moving parts and last for years. IRS tax credits of $1000 & $2000 may be available to USA taxpayers, using forms 8911; 3500 and 3800 of section 535 of the IRS code.

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Thu. July 18th, 2024

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