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Reduce Greenhouse Gases, Toxic Exhaust Emissions & Improves Fossil Fuel Combustion & Economy

Dr. Derek Zupancic, creator of the patent pending HH2 Hydrogen Generator Water Fuel Cell Clean Air Combustion Systems, will show new and improved products in the Los Angeles Auto Show in Kentia Hall, exhibit K-830, located in the lower level of the LA Convention Center.

The unique system extracts separated Hydrogen and Oxygen gases from distilled water in a book-sized device installed in a vehicle. The unit uses a little of the vehicles excess energy to produce just the right amount of Hydrogen and Oxygen gases required to blend with existing fuel sources causing complete combustion of fuel inside the engine combustion chambers.

HH2 HYDROGEN completely incinerates most fuel toxins, poisons and particulate matter due to the high instant burn temperature of the Hydrogen (Octane 130), resulting in a clean warm moist air exhaust discharge.

The gases go into the vehicle air intake system separately from each other, and never can combine to become water or HHO/Browns gases (HHO and Browns Gases are Highly Explosive).

Vehicles that require premium fuels now can use regular fuel when using HH2 Hydrogen systems. CARB Executive Order D-643 for vehicles using Gasoline and Diesel fuels. CARB approvals are accepted world wide as it is the toughest emissions agency in the world. Big Diesel testing is underway, phase one (Cummings 10.8 Liter) is passed and completed and phase two (14 Liter) is pending and will be completed soon.

The system uses water & electricity to produce the Hydrogen and Oxygen gases, very efficiently using 12 Volt battery power, resulting in increased fuel economy due to the complete burning of the vehicles existing fuel.

Please visit the company website at: www.HH2.US for more detailed information

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Fri. March 1st, 2024

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