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Durr acquires glueing technology specialist

The Dürr Group acquired the business operations of the firm Kleinmichel, of Bernried Germany, on January 25, 2010. The company specializes in glueing equipment for automobile manufacture and general industry. With the acquisition, Dürr is rounding out its existing product and service portfolio, and accelerating the expansion of this promising business area.

In vehicle assembly, Kleinmichel focuses on the glueing of windows, roofs, cockpits and spare wheel compartments. The core products are dispensing and application systems for adhesives, PVC and similar materials. The clientele of this technology leader, which was founded in 1984, includes all the German automobile manufacturers.

The acquisition of Kleinmichel enables Dürr to offer solutions for all glueing processes in vehicle production. On this basis, Dürr is looking to become one of the top players in this field. Backed by the group’s extensive international sales and service network, it aims to expand the business significantly. The glueing activities are part of the Application Technology business unit, to which the painting and sealing robot business also belongs.

Dürr sees attractive potential for automated glueing applications outside the automobile industry, too. The process is on the advance, for instance, in the solar industry and the production of electrical and electronic components.

Dr. Hans Schumacher, Managing Director of Dürr Systems GmbH, commented: “The acquisition will speed up the expansion of our glueing technology business. Kleinmichel has a lot of process know-how and mature products. That will save us development time and costs.”

Ralf Dieter, Dürr AG’s CEO, commented: “The acquisition is part of our strategy to strengthen our technology position in selected business areas through smallish bolt-on acquisitions.” Last year Dürr acquired the Swiss cleaning systems firm UCM and the French balancing specialist Datatechnic.

Automated glueing reduces cycle times and unit costs in the process chain and helps to improve quality assurance. Moreover, glueing technology processes are often better able than conventional technologies to meet the rising requirements with regard to safety, rigidity and comfort for instance in automotive engineering.

Klaus Kleinmichel GmbH, based in Bernried in Upper Bavaria, Germany, has approximately 30 employees and sales have averaged around € 7 million over the past years. The company was forced to file for bankruptcy due to financing problems. Dürr has acquired the business operations and all the assets of the firm Kleinmichel from the bankruptcy estate, and has taken over all the employees. The Bernried location will be retained and integrated into the Dürr network.

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