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Remy International to Supply Electric Motors to Allison Transmission for GM-Allison Hybrid

Remy International, Inc announced it has reached a long term agreement with Allison Transmission to continue supplying Remy electric motors for the GM-Allison Hybrid EP40 and EP50 systems. The GM-Allison Hybrid EP40 and EP50 systems are the most advanced two-mode parallel hybrids for buses on the market.

Today the GM-Allison Hybrid Drive Systems with Remy electric motor technology are on the roads in over 94 cities worldwide. The EP40 and EP50 systems are infinitely variable speed hybrids that automatically choose to operate in a parallel or series hybrid path to maximize efficiency and minimize emission, fuel consumption, and noise. As public transportation needs are changing and public officials are calling for cleaner alternatives to yesterday’s public transportation choices, Remy and Allison are well positioned to deliver the intelligent solutions the market is now seeking.

The Allison-Remy long term motor supplier agreement extends through the end of 2014. Remy will continue to supply Allison with the stator housing assembly and two rotor assemblies for the EP40 and EP50 systems. Remy will continue supplying current volume levels and will increase volume with demand.

Remy CEO John Weber said, “We are proud of our relationship with Allison Transmission and are very pleased to reach this agreement extending our relationship into the future. Allison is a leader in advanced hybrid technology and we are confident that during the next five years we will together benefit from a significant increase in the demand for hybrid buses on city streets throughout the world.”

Allison Transmission Chairman and CEO Lawrence E. Dewey said, “Remy has been and continues to be the leader in electric hybrid motors. Their history of performance and reliability makes them the perfect supplier for this application. We are looking forward with Remy to a successful future in this growing market.”

Both companies are manufacturing in the United States. The Remy electric motors for the Allison systems are manufactured at the Remy Product Launch Center in Anderson, Indiana. Allison Transmission manufacturers their Hybrid Drive Systems in Indianapolis, Indiana.

With the largest hybrid motor production and testing facility in North America, Remy stands poised to provide the market with scalable solutions that are available quickly and at lower costs to help reduce dependence on fossil fuels and spur the adoption of hybrid motor technology for transportation.

About Remy International, Inc.

Remy International, Inc., headquartered in Pendleton, Indiana, is a leading global manufacturer, remanufacturer and distributor of light duty starters, alternators and hybrid power technology and Delco Remy brand heavy-duty systems. In business for over 100 years, today Remy International is actively collaborating with companies throughout the world to develop innovations that are transforming the vehicle industry. Recently, Remy International was recognized by the United States Department of Energy for its leadership role in the hybrid technologies space and awarded a $60 million grant under the Electric Drive Vehicle Battery and Component Manufacturing Initiative.

To learn more, visit the Remy brand website at

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Tue. July 23rd, 2024

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