From business commutes to running errands to shuttling kids around town, Americans spend a lot of time in the car and often find themselves immersed in “clutter on wheels.”

“What starts out as a subtle ‘lived-in’ quality can easily turn into a passenger-side dumping ground or, worse, a full-blown junk heap in the backseat,” said Paul Holstein of (, an online storefront offering more than 10,000 cable, wire and equipment management solutions.

“Keeping essentials like cell phones and other devices charged poses yet another challenge for those perpetually on-the-go.”

Road warriors need not despair, as offers this array of “Car Clutter” quick fixes:

• Multi-gadget charging: For that person with so many gadgets to charge but so little time, multi-device chargers such as The Power Station Traveler™, which can charge up to 3 small portable devices simultaneously, will allow the recipient to tote an array of fully functional electronics with ease. ($32.99)  

• Device armor. Small enough to fit snugly into a glove compartment, Pelican Micro Cases are a perfect solution to protect your cell phones, PDA’s, pagers, MP3 players, and other personal gadgets – and even fragile jewelry items – from travel wear and tear, accidental drops, spills and other damage. Its polycarbonate casing offers a crushproof, watertight, impact absorbing protection barrier to assure its contents remain safe and dry. ($7.44 and up)  

• iPod-a-go-go. The Cableyoyo™ is a sleek-looking, easy to use mini cord reel that’s ideal for taking care of extra cord length in cars where there’s always a cell phone charging from the cigarette lighter or an iPod plugged into the CD-player. Also comes with adhesive strips for convenient mounting to smooth surfaces. ($4.99)

• All wrapped up. Keep a few Velcro® ONE-WRAP® Cable Wraps in your glove compartment for a quick organizational fix that’ll hold it all together. Gain control over pens, toys and other small objects that are running free and cluttering up your car’s storage compartments. ($2.49/5-pack)

• Cable control. The EZWIND™ Cord Organizer is an inexpensive solution for keeping your jumper and other cables organized and under control. Not only is it comfortable to grip when winding up those heavy, stiff 12 awg. cords, but by adding a center post at each end, they help take the twists and tangles out of the cord as you wind it up! ($5.99)

Consumers may order these items online at or via toll-free telephone at 1-866-222-0030.

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Sat. June 15th, 2024

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