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JSP Licenses StructureLite(R) Low Mass Seat Frame Solutions

With a focus on helping automakers reduce vehicle weight, The Woodbridge Group® continues to evolve technologies that support improved fuel efficiencies and better environmental performance. StructureLite® seat frames are a good example. They are designed to offer low mass frame solutions with several value added features. Woodbridge is pleased to announce that the North American subsidiary of JSP, a global supplier of engineered plastic foams and related technologies, has recently licensed the patented StructureLite® technology and associated know how to produce expanded polypropylene (EPP) seat frames in North America.

JSP, the world’s leading supplier of EPP sold as ARPRO®, serves the automotive, packaging and consumer goods markets. JSP pioneered expanded plastic foam technologies and continues to develop new applications with these remarkably strong and lightweight plastics. The company has manufacturing, research and development facilities in the major industrial centers of North America, Europe and Asia. For more information about JSP, visit

StructureLite® seat frames developed by The Woodbridge Group® have gained wide marketplace acceptance. Virtually every OEM is currently utilizing the benefits of this technology. Woodbridge continues to offer StructureLite® seat frames in both polyurethane and expanded polypropylene for seat cushions, seat backs and seat bolster applications. StructureLite® technology includes product design to model performance to meet customer requirements. This revolutionary alternative seat frame technology continues to lower seat system weight by up to 35% and offer seat system cost savings by replacing traditional, complex and heavy steel stampings and wires frames. The anatomically designed A-surface improves comfort and offers cushion savings opportunity. StructureLite® products can also integrate anti-submarine and energy management capabilities to enhance occupant safety. Additionally, StructureLite® solutions can improve acoustical performance, reduce tooling costs and decrease development lead time. StructureLite® can incorporate TrimTite(TM) technology, a trim closure mechanism integrated into the seat frame design to make trim assembly operations easier and safer while improving the finished trim appearance.

The Woodbridge Group operates over 60 facilities in 21 countries, as the global leader in the development and production of polyurethane and expanded polypropylene products. Automotive applications include components for seating, structural support, headliner systems occupant protection and acoustical management. Woodbridge also offers assembly and sequencing services, as well as a full range of value added services including engineering and design. For more information, visit

StructureLite® is a registered trademark used under license by Woodbridge Foam Corporation. TrimTite(TM) is a trademark used under license by Woodbridge Foam Corporation.

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Fri. February 23rd, 2024

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