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SymPowerco Corporation, CEO John Davenport recently announced that the company has entered Phase II of its two concurrent prototype projects, the Flowing Electrolyte Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (“FEDMFC”) Prototype Project and the Hybrid Power System Project for small Hybrid Electric Vehicles.

Phase II of the FEDMFC prototype project will include materials and equipment assessments for the various components that will constitute the fuel cell stack and the prototype’s Balance of Plant. In addition, Phase II is intended to produce the complete CAD/CAM design plans of the advanced components that are required to satisfy the recently announced objectives of the program.

Phase II of the Hybrid Power System Project will include formal assessments of the materials and equipment required to test several types of power sources required for small Hybrid Electric Vehicle drive systems.

Stated CEO, John Davenport, “Phase II is intended to take both projects forward to the point of procurement of the equipment and material required for the assembly of the prototypes. Many aspects of Phase II are already at advanced levels of development and the company hopes to complete the remaining Phase II elements in an expedited manner.”

SymPowerco Corporation develops advanced fuel cell and power delivery systems for the rapidly growing personal transportation and portable power system markets that are being created by today’s energy and environmental challenges.

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Mon. July 22nd, 2024

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