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Telematics Prototype for Electric Vehicles at CeBIT Hannover

WebTech Wireless Inc., a leading provider of vehicle fleet location-based services (LBS) and telematics technology, announced today that it is participating, along with Garmin, in one of SAP AG’s seven “Experience SAP” life exhibits at the CeBIT 2010 digital industry trade show opening today in Hannover, Germany. In the life area entitled “Move”, one specific exhibit will vividly show CeBIT visitors how a prototype of SAP(R) software, integrated with WebTech Wireless and Garmin GPS and telematics devices, can increase the practicality and acceptance of electric vehicles. The exhibit is located in Hall 4 of CeBIT and runs thru March 6.

SAP’s Move exhibit, which has as its centrepiece an electric Mini(R), will include a working demonstration of the latest generation of WebTech’s GPS Locator(TM) connected to a Garmin nuvi(R) Satellite Navigation Device (sat nav), which report precise vehicle location data via cellular networks to the driver and a back-end software application. This application can catalogue battery-charging facilities and their availability, transmitting this information back to the driver through the WebTech Locator and Garmin sat nav’s two-way messaging and hands-free functions. Drivers of electric vehicles will then be able use their nuvi sat nav to locate the nearest charging facility, make a reservation if required, plan their route, maximize their vehicle’s remaining charge, and view billing details after charging – all designed to save time, money, and provide greater convenience for drivers of electric vehicles.

Roger Jollis, Director of OEM & Mobile Marketing at Garmin said, “Garmin is delighted to be a part of SAP’s Move exhibit. We expect telematics uptake on electric vehicles to be high, and our continuing commitment to working with the best fleet solutions providers in the industry allows us to help pioneer the most innovative technological systems. The convergence of WebTech Wireless, SAP and Garmin demonstrates the role technology has to play in the future of practical carbon reduction and the move towards a low carbon economy.”

“This is just the beginning of telematics for electric vehicles, and we’re pleased to be working with companies as respected as SAP and Garmin,” said Edward Kulperger, Sr. Director of Insurance and OEM business units at WebTech Wireless. “We know the move to electrics will require a tremendous shift in driving habits, though not so different from when drivers of diesel vehicles planned their route dependant on the location of refuelling stops. Now our technology promises to greatly facilitate this transition and improve the chances of success for electric vehicles and the greater goal of reducing our use of fossil fuels. It’s yet another example of our Telematics for the Planet(TM) initiatives in practice.”

Garnik Bobloyan, VP of Engineering at WebTech Wireless said, “Electric vehicles are an exciting part of our telematics research and development work, and we look forward to demonstrating some of those advances at CeBIT. Since improved energy management is the key determinant of the electric vehicle’s success, telematics technology will be called upon to help drivers manage all of the variables associated with driving these vehicles, such as battery and vehicle condition and maintenance, route optimization, and charging management. With SAP and Garmin we have the ideal technical team to explore all of these opportunities.”

This latest collaboration with industry leaders underscores WebTech Wireless’ commitment to the development of leading-edge vehicle technologies for individuals and organizations worldwide.

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