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MARK IV IVHS Unveils the JANUS(R) Multiprotocol Reader

Multiprotocol modules enable existing JANUS Readers to go multiprotocol in minutes

MARK IV IVHS, a global technology leader and innovator of Intelligent Transportation Solutions (ITS), has announced the launch of the JANUS high performance, multiprotocol reader, which incorporates the company’s core JANUS® technology with multiprotocol “plug n play” reader modules capable of supporting MARK IV’s industry leading active 256-bit Time Division Multiplexed (TDM) transponders as well as commonly used backscatter protocols including ISO 10374/ATA, ISO 18000-6B and ISO 180000-6C.

The JANUS multiprotocol reader bridges the interoperability gap between diverse RFID technologies used for electronic toll collection (ETC) and other ITS applications such as Automatic Equipment Identification and Electronic Vehicle Registration. Existing JANUS readers instantly become multiprotocol readers through “plug n play” modules.

“With the introduction of the JANUS multiprotocol reader, we combine the outstanding performance of our JANUS reader with multiprotocol technology to enable a smooth migration for customers that want to take advantage of our more sophisticated, high performance and cost effective transponder technology, ” said Chris Murray, president of MARK IV IVHS, Inc. “The JANUS multiprotocol reader system is easy to install and manage in a myriad of tolling configurations. We are excited about how this versatile solution can benefit end-users, as legacy backscatter systems are migrated to support more advanced ITS applications.”

Built on more than 16 years of in-field experience enabling the largest toll network in North America, JANUS is a cost effective multi-lane capable reader which offers redundancy and builds upon the industry leading performance of MARK IV’s predecessor system, with the addition of new features and even greater reliability. New features, including an open source operating platform and industry standard USB, serial and Ethernet interfaces allow for easy expansion and integration.

Performance enhancements include fractional lane assignment that delivers improved system operations and better enforcement capabilities. Further, the high position resolution analysis can automatically adapt to traffic speed. Dynamically adjustable output power and input sensitivity coupled with more efficient use of bandwidth deliver even greater success capturing and writing to mismounted transponders. The JANUS reader has a buffered transaction capacity five times greater than its predecessor and is capable of auto-switch-over recovery to preserve optimal performance.

The single-antenna-per-lane architecture of a JANUS reader can support up to eight lanes or five open road tolling (ORT) channels in MARK IV-protocol-only configuration. With the introduction of JANUS multiprotocol RF Modules, the reader can support four lanes or two ORT lanes in multiprotocol configuration, handling any combination of the four supported protocols simultaneously, with all lanes and protocols reporting on a common network connection.

Administration of the JANUS reader is completed through an intuitive Web interface that supports remote diagnostics, including power and antenna sensitivity adjustments, firmware update management and system performance monitoring.


MARK IV IVHS is a global technology leader and innovator of intelligent transportation solutions (ITS). With more than 21 million transponders on-the-road and more than 3,400 lanes equipped, MARK IV IVHS is the largest supplier of electronic toll collection equipment in North America. MARK IV IVHS has enabled many landmark ITS deployments, including: the world’s first, non-stop, all-electronic toll road (Highway 407 ETR); interoperability between truck electronic preclearance systems and toll collection; and, the E-ZPass® system of the 24 toll authorities who comprise the InterAgency Group in the Northeastern United States. For more information, visit

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Sat. July 13th, 2024

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