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Alkane Files Continuation Patent for New Synthetic Fuel

Alkane, Inc. announced that it has filed a continuation patent, titled “Synergistically-Reactive Synthetic Fuel That Enhances Mechanical Energy Output From Internal Combustion Engines.”

This patent filing is a continuation of the prior patent announcement on April 13, 2010.

The Company is conducting laboratory and on-road tests of additives and fuels based on the technology included in this recently filed patent. The Company is seeking independent testing to validate the results obtained in the laboratory and on-road testing.

Dr. Mathew Zuckerman, CEO and President of Alkane, Inc., said, “Effectively, this fuel enhances mechanical energy output from an engine by utilizing waste heat for increased miles per gallon. With this continuation filed we can now move to obtain testing which will validate the claims for our products.”

Alkane, Inc. is dedicated to the development of a family of alternative fuels and additives which, collectively, will contribute to a solution to the global energy crisis. Additional benefits of Alkane, Inc.’s product offerings include positive environmental impact through the reduction of harmful emissions and reduced vehicle operation and maintenance costs. Monster Diesel(TM), flagship product of Alkane, Inc. is a patent pending high energy “green” alternative fuel additive which boosts diesel fuel’s quality to premium levels and is designed for use in any diesel powered motor.

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Fri. July 19th, 2024

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