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The Automotive Division of the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE®) International announces the date, location, and theme for its 40th-annual Automotive Innovation Awards Gala, the oldest and largest recognition event in the automotive and plastics industries. This year’s event will be held Tuesday, November 9, 2010 at Burton Manor ( in Livonia, Mich. 

Jeffrey Helms, global automotive manager, Ticona Engineering Polymers, and also this year’s SPE Automotive Innovation Awards chair said, “We selected Speed, Innovation, Value as the theme for this year’s Innovation Awards Competition and Gala because that’s really what the switch to polymeric materials has brought the automotive industry for more than four decades. 

In fact, these features are still the value proposition of plastics and they’re very much what the leaders in this industry will need to win the confidence and loyalty of consumers. Fortunately, we know that hard times are great catalysts for innovation – something we’ve clearly seen in reviewing papers for our SPE conferences this year – so we’re anticipating seeing a really interesting new group of nominations as our competition ramps up in late September.” 

SPE’s Automotive Innovation Awards Program is the oldest and largest competition of its kind in the world. Dozens of teams made up of OEMs, tier suppliers, and polymer producers submit nominations describing their part, system, or complete vehicle module and why it merits the claim as the Year’s Most Innovative Use of Plastics. This annual event typically draws 600 to 800 OEM engineers, automotive and plastics industry executives, and media. As is customary, funds raised from this event are used to support SPE educational efforts and technical seminars, which help educate and secure the role of plastics in the advancement of the automobile. 

The mission of SPE International is to promote scientific and engineering knowledge relating to plastics worldwide and to educate industry, academia, and the public about these advances. 

SPE’s Automotive Division is active in educating, promoting, recognizing, and communicating technical accomplishments for all phases of plastics and plastic based-composite developments in the global transportation industry. Topic areas include applications, materials, processing, equipment, tooling, design, and development. 

For more information about the Automotive Innovation Awards Competition and Gala or to download nomination forms and rules, please visit the SPE Automotive Division’s website at and, or contact the group at +, or write SPE Automotive Division, 1800 Crooks Road, Suite A, Troy, MI 48084, USA. 

For more information on the Society of Plastics Engineers International or other SPE events, visit the SPE website at, or call +1.203.775.0471

® SPE is a registered trademark of the Society of Plastics Engineers International.

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