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Ai interview – Dr Viktor Tiederle, president of RELNETyX AG

The German firm RELNETyX AG serves and operates globally with all leading companies and specialists in the industry for reliability, safety, quality and maintainability of systems, components and processes. The company is also a MOST-compliance test house for MOST full and limited physical layer that is ISO/IEC17025 accredited from DATech with the scopes – Full Physical Layer – Limited Physical Layer. The company’s expertise as a MOST-compliance test house includes its ability to evaluate MOST products to see that they comply with MOST specifications.

The MOST Cooperation requires that prior to accrediting new products as MOST products, they have to be tested. RELNETyX has state-of-the-art equipment which is exclusively fitted for MOST-compliance testing. Main features of the test system are developed from standard equipment but optimized for the special needs and requirements by their measurement experts. The company says that its test-house experts worked in close collaboration with the MOST Cooperation to establish the MOST-compliance test process a few years back. This is also valid for the developing of test procedures for the new generation of MOST150.

“They gained a multiple-year experience in accomplishing and validating tests in MOST full and limited physical layer and in supporting the introduction of new products as well as the further development of approval recommendations for existing FOTs and pigtails based on the ‘Automotive Application Recommendation for Optical MOST Interfaces’,” says the company. This specification was edited be RELNETyX AG together with the partners of MOST cooperation.

While RELNETyX’ headquarters is in Germany, the company has an office in the United States. The company’s mission statement says: “Our objective is the establishment of a platform for special services with a high differentiation through the unique specialization for all current and future needs in the automotive, aviation and transportation business. Our assets are the values of our employees in entrepreneurial spirit, flexibility and strong customer orientation, passion for technology and processes with added value to the industry.”

The company’s aim is to be a global player for reliability, quality, safety and validation in the industry. RELNETyX says that its strength lies in the fact that it has a pool of experts across the globe that have technical know-how combined with methodological skills.

Automotive Industries spoke to Dr Viktor Tiederle, president of RELNETyX AG.

AI: How can you help newcomers with MOST technology and compliance?

Tiederle: Through our long time experience we can judge effectively the performance of the devices at all stages of development. This experience allow us to recommend solutions which ensure quality and reliability in the field.

AI: Tell us about RELNETyX’s unique experience to support ECU design.

Tiederle: We have experience of many years either in working directly in the area of designing or developing ECUs or on many different projects and customers. This gives us the possibility to lead our customers thinking new ways. Our questions and remarks are based on this experience and will help to discover solutions in a more effective process. But nevertheless we will keep all disclosed information within our company.

AI: What kind of support does RELNETyX’s offer for the full (electrical/optical) physical layer MOST compliance?

Tiederle: We can provide all kind the measurements over all variations which are needed e.g. for characterization in electrical as well as optical parameters. This is also possible on ECU level. In this area our experience on component level is important to detect peripherical weak points. Comparisons of measurement techniques and devices or components are also possible. This we can provide also as an interface within the supply chain.

AI: What are some of the features of MOST 150?

Tiederle: This new technology is able to provide a much higher bit rate to support multiple video streaming. With this higher bit rate the assembly technology was also changed so that it is possible to work completely with up-to-date assembly processes on the PCB (printed circuit board). The past technology was only available in THM (through-hole mounting) technology. The new generation is also available as SMD (surface mount device). This new features lead to higher flexibility in design to meet new requirements as well as higher performance and new applications.

AI: How do you see MOST evolving as a global standard for automotive multimedia products?

Tiederle: MOST especially with the optical physical layer has the significant advantage that from principle there is no electromagnetic interference to the optical signal. Today MOST is established mainly in the premium class of cars. We see in the moment the spreading more into the mass production segment. This may help other car manufacturers to introduce this technology.

AI: Tell us about RELNETyX’s plans to expand its business globally.

Tiederle: First of all we want to expand our business more in the ECU area. As we are already established in the United States we can expand our service in this region easily also to the ECU manufacturers. Today we have some customers in Asia which are mainly focused on components. If we can expand our service to ECU we see possibilities in this area. Our strategy is also to have a network of experts which can offer the service.

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Wed. July 17th, 2024

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