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WatchIt Technologies/Air Pure Systems Development to Begin Testing and Validation Process

WatchIt Technologies has initiated the first of 4 steps to complete the testing of the Air Pure Systems fuel reformer. According to the company, the testing goal that was announced in the November 8, 2010, press release will begin this week.

Step one will consist of a predetermined 370 mile road test. This will be run without the fuel reformer installed on the vehicle in order to collect base comparison data.

The second step of the process will be to run the same road test with the fuel reformer device operating on the vehicle. “By having this raw data, we will be able to compare real road condition testing to that which we will collect in steps three and four, completed at the EPA certified Lab,” stated Rob Ryon, CEO of Air Pure Systems Development. “The significance of these test results will be significant. Proving our technology with an independent testing lab will give WatchIt Technologies and Air Pure Systems Development the momentum needed to begin the manufacturing process and install the fuel reformer on a test-fleet of vehicles.”

“Several months ago, Air Pure Systems Development completed a similar road test with impressive results,” according to Dr. Max Bennett, President and CEO of WatchIt Technologies Inc. “The previous test yielded a 28.9% increase in the MPG on a 1999 Ford Expedition. Our expectation is to meet or exceed those results.”

Dr. Max Bennett added, “The progress we make on the gas version of the fuel reformer will help speed the development of the diesel version of the device. Initial planning is well under way for the diesel-fuel adaptation.”

WatchIt Technologies is actively seeking companies that have the attributes of being highly innovative and “first in” within their respective sectors. Most companies partnering with WatchIt Technologies will have already completed their initial R&D and will need management consultation and financial assistance to move to the next level of success and profitability.

About WatchIt Technologies Inc.:

WatchIt Technologies is an alternative “incubator” for developing and emerging “Green Technology” corporations. Its focus is on strategies that are structured to mitigate risk and produce returns in all market environments. Its current investment/development strategy is focused on direct investments in small/micro-cap public companies that have emerging growth and development and are exclusively involved in some aspect of “Green Technology.”

It will offer management consultation to companies that meet its strict criteria and vetting process, and align those companies with individuals and financiers to help them achieve their financial goals and objectives.

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