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A New Approach in Providing Savings – Customs Duty Refund Audits

Curlett Cannon & Galbell (CCG) Pty Ltd customs duty and tariff advisers announced a unique and expanded service for importers of automotive and manufacturing components. For qualifying businesses, CCG provide an onsite Customs Duty Refund Audit service. This is an evolution of their in-house import file audit service aimed at giving high quality tariff and import duty advice. The audit service can provide ongoing savings, as well as recovering overpaid duties. The service will be of tremendous value to entrepreneurs, business professionals, and small businesses.

“This development shows our commitment to the automotive distribution and manufacturing industry and we believe this service can decrease a company’s import costs by thousands of dollars a year,” said Tony Bell, CEO of Curlett Cannon & Galbell.

Tony believes that the recent stat e of the economy has prompted many organizations to seek ways to reduce corporate spending wherever possible. Spending on duty/GST is an area that offers substantial savings opportunities, but it still remains one that is often overlooked by corporate executives and management. “If the products you are importing are incorrectly assessed and classified or if tariff concessions have been missed, you are either over paying duty or risk a customs fine,” continued Tony.

“Based on our 35 years of experience in the custom tariff auditing field, we estimate that over 96% of Australian importers pay more than necessary”, says Tony. “In this environment of comparatively low import duties, the majority of businesses focus on minimisation of freight costs, and over look duty charges, which can be a considerable amount when you consider that our government receives about $5.8 billion per annum from import duties.”

“We are passionate about our dedication to p roviding a personalized and professional service — and stan! d behind our word with a proven track record. Our goal is to accommodate all customers in paying the lowest legally available duties in compliance within the Australian Customs laws and regulations. We understand that we are not just recovering considerable sums for reinvestment in your business, we are reducing your ongoing duty liabilities well into the future”, Mr Bell added.

‘’The audit service is a no refunds identified, no-charge basis. You get peace of mind that you are paying the lowest legal amount of duty. Naturally there maybe some resistance in your organization to this approach, but the improvements to the balance sheet can be significant,” Tony concluded.

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Tue. April 23rd, 2024

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