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OIS Introduces Advanced Open-Standard Integration Platform for the Automotive Industry

Objective Interface Systems, Inc. (OIS), the leading provider of real-time, embedded and high-performance middleware communications solutions, today announced the introduction of the OIS Automotive Reference Platform with ORBexpress. Automotive engineers will be able to integrate systems and devices with the same high-performance, secure and safety-critical middleware used in the world’s most demanding mission-critical applications such as avionics, nuclear fusion ignition facilities and missile defense systems.

The OIS Automotive Reference Platform with ORBexpress is an open-standard framework that facilitates interoperation of automotive applications. The ORBexpress products deliver hard real-time performance via any protocol over any medium while meeting strict security and safety-critical requirements. Without royalties or run-times, ORBexpress solutions keep costs down and engineering productivity high.

The OIS family of products is highly portable, offering engineers tremendous flexibility in hardware, software and bus options without having to significantly modify their code:

— ORBexpress products allow developers to use a common, open-standard
API for distributed communication on many hardware platforms —
ARM(R), PowerPC(R), x86, MIPS and others. The consistent
implementation of ORBexpress on these platforms means developers no
longer need to change their infrastructure source code every time they
change or upgrade hardware.

— ORBexpress supports all of the industry-leading operating systems,
including VxWorks, INTEGRITY, LynxOS, Nucleus, Neutrino, ThreadX and
many others. ORBexpress also supports Linux, Windows, and other
workstation operating systems.

— The ORBexpress pluggable transport API allows automotive systems
designers to easily choose and utilize different transports without
any change to application code. Transports such as TCP/IP, Controller
Area Network (CAN), Local Interconnect Network (LIN), Byteflight
(FT-DMA), Media Oriented Systems Transport (MOST), Time-Triggered CAN
(TT-CAN), Flex-Ray and IEEE 1394 can all be incorporated into the
pluggable transport architecture.

The ORBexpress products meet the most stringent demands of automotive designers: reducing development costs, improving time-to-market, increasing portability across new hardware and software platforms, and improving reliability and safety. The OIS Automotive Reference Platform is compatible with AUTOSAR, enhancing the scalability, integration and maintainability of AUTOSAR systems.

“Automotive applications are rapidly growing more complex in several ways. Audio, voice and data processing often require real-time communications among distributed applications using different networks, hardware and operating systems. In the future, they will also support Internet connectivity in addition to other communications protocols. This complex network of automotive applications requires an underlying software platform that provides maximum flexibility, security, reliability and real-time performance,” said Joe Jacob, senior vice president, OIS.

About OIS and ORBexpress
Objective Interface Systems (OIS) is the worldwide leader in high-performance, real-time and embedded communications middleware solutions. OIS offers advanced real-time connectivity software development tools for use in a variety of vertical markets: telecom/datacom, defense, aerospace, consumer electronics, process control, robotics and transportation. ORBexpress, a high-performance implementation of the Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA), is used wherever systems require an extremely fast, small-footprint communications infrastructure where failure is not an option.

Thousands of customers worldwide use the ORBexpress communications infrastructure to build more flexible, upgradeable and capable products. Available in C++, Java, Ada, and VHDL for FPGAs, ORBexpress is recognized as the smallest and fastest ORB in the industry by a variety of independent benchmark tests. For more information on ORBexpress and the OIS portfolio of products, visit:, call 1 800-800-OIS7 in the U.S or e-mail inquiries to: Visit Objective Interface at

ORBexpress is a registered trademark, and Objective Interface and OIS are trademarks, of Objective Interface Systems, Inc.

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Wed. July 17th, 2024

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