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SAMTECH to release version 8 of its Graphical User Interface SAMCEF Field

SAMTECH, a European leading global provider of simulation software and services, today announced the launch of the new commercial release 8 of its Graphical User Interface, SAMCEF Field.

SAMCEF Field has been the cornerstone of SAMTECH’s range over recent years. It is the Graphical User Interface driving all its major solvers. This includes linear and non-linear structural analysis, multi-body dynamics and multi-physics.

SAMCEF Field V8 features new functionalities following the evolution of SAMCEF solvers as well as improving the performance and efficiency in modeling. Among the most striking enhancements, the following are key:

o SAMCEF Field is now interfaced with CAPRI. CAPRI is a software package developed by CADNEXUS. Its main task is to enable the import of parameterized native CAD models to be used directly in SAMCEF Field. As a result, a small change on CAD level can be imported directly on SAMCEF Field level without the need to rebuild a new model. Native formats available today include Catia V5-R19, Solidworks 2010, NX-7 and Pro Engineer Wildfire 5.

o Data input directly on mesh has been largely improved (ease of support selection)

o Parts and superelements handling and connectivity have been enhanced

o Several important features have been added to post processing

o Model files (.sfield) handling has been enhanced.

o Keyboard shortcuts have been defined for several key features of SAMCEF Field. This results in an improvement of software ergonomics.

“The interface with CAPRI and the gain in productivity that results from it is clearly a major step in the quest to use simulation in early design phases and enable engineers to focus on their job, not on software use, says Didier Granville, Chief Strategy Officer of SAMTECH. “Users will from now on build their CAE model once and for all. Any CAD design change will be assessed directly, without doing anything but relaunch the computation.”

By adding further functionality to SAMCEF Field, SAMTECH establishes its Graphical User Interface as one of the most comprehensive on the market. Having all modules driven by the same interface enables users to perform different tasks in the same environment and gain time and efficiency. Users are no longer required to learn various tools with different philosophies


SAMTECH, headquartered in Angleur-Liège, Belgium, is a leading provider of Computer Aided Engineering software. Founded in 1986, SAMTECH develops and markets the Finite Element Analysis code SAMCEF, the Multi-Disciplinary Optimization platform BOSS quattro and the Model Based Engineering Framework CAESAM. SAMCEF is an industrial general-purpose FEA software for Linear and Non-Linear Structure Analysis, including Composites, Thermal Analysis and Mechanisms Structural Dynamics. The portfolio of SAMTECH is completed by the strongly coupled Multi-Physics solutions of OOFELIE developed by its subsidiary Open Engineering in SAMCEF Field. These core engineering software tools answer to a wide range of industrial needs from the preliminary phases of design to the most advanced verification analyses. The software technology of SAMTECH has an unsurpassed reputation for its quality and reliability that is due to its ASD origin. It has been adopted by many major companies across all engineering disciplines as an integral part of their design process. SAMTECH is certified to ISO9001 quality standards and operates through a network of subsidiaries and representatives in key locations around the world. SAMTECH has offices throughout Europe (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK), Asia (China and Japan) and North America (Kansas) for technical support, sales and services.

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Sun. July 14th, 2024

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