Tackling the challenges of biofuels in the combustion engine

The damage biofuels inflict on the combustion engine presents a major hurdle in the development of biofuel technology and systems. IQPC’s 3rd Annual International Conference Automotive Biofuels from 29 -31 August in Berlin will give automotive professionals in the biofuels sector the chance to discuss first-hand the current and future challenges in the industry.

Engine components such as the fuel tank system, fuel line, oil-circulation system, injection system, gaskets, valves and filters, and the exhaust emission system, as well as the knock behaviour of automotive biofuels will be the focus of the event.

Dr. Maire Francois from PSA Peugeot Citroen will speak about gasoline engine suitability with a focus on ethanol quality and injector plug ins. Johannes Ullrich from the Hyundai Motor Technical Center, Germany, will discuss special aspects for engine applications regarding typical fuel compositions, engine emission behaviour, injection system functionality and cold operation from.

Further experts from international companies such as Volkswagen, Lotus Engineering, Ford, AVL Sweden, Veritas AG, Total and many more will present case studies and best practices.

Delegates are also encouraged to participate in workshops on the following topics:

• Advantages of hydrogenated vegetable oils
• Regulations on sustainability
• Experience with B10 / B30 Biodiesel blends
• Market development and market forecast

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Mon. June 17th, 2024

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