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Buehler Motor to Expand North American Industrial Sales with New Motor Offerings

Buehler Motor, Inc. (, a global company focused on the development and production of technically challenging mechatronic drive solutions, today introduced a new series of 63-millimeter permanent magnet brushed (PMDC) motor designs available in North America for integration into commercial applications.

Intended for applications such as building automation, including commercial door systems and window actuators, the new PMDC motors offer flexible design with high power output, quiet operation and long life. Motor samples are available immediately for North American customers. Initial production applications have been validated by customers with high-volume production of 400 Series models beginning in the summer of 2011. Additional models, including the 200 and 000 Series with specific power rating, will also be introduced.

“The new Buehler 400 Series 63-millimeter motors have recently completed a rigorous validation and testing process in Europe and are now available for order in North America,” said Bob Riedford, president and general manager of Buehler Motor, Inc. “Our focus with the product line is to pass on to North American customers the cost advantage of Buehler’s large-scale product development as well as engineering expertise to provide customized drive solutions that fit their application. We have also commissioned market research in the building automation segment and appointed an industrial applications account manager to oversee the sales and marketing of our latest motor series.”

High Power, Quiet Operation and Long Service Life

Utilizing the latest magnet technology available, the new Buehler PMDC motors deliver maximum power density through the use of cost-efficient ferrite magnets combined with optimized magnet circuits housed in a 12-slot armature design. The motor lamination is also enhanced for maximum copper fill and uses the latest low-loss material that save space and increase torque generation.

By redesigning the motor’s magnet edges, Buehler has significantly reduced its “cogging” torque to minimize vibrations and noise, and the two ball-bearings design provides minimum friction loss and maximum service life even under extreme conditions.

Flexible Design Features

Both ends of the new Buehler 63-millimeter PMDC motors feature identical end covers that offer a variety of mounting options, including a reduction gear orvarious accessories such as a low-resolution magnetic encoder and high-resolution optical encoder. The flexible end design also allows for attachment of an electro-magnetic brake.

The motor’s power cables are designed to allow for both radial and axial exit from the motor. This allows for optimum usage of existing installation space while accommodating customer-specified cable lengths and connectors to complete the electrical interface.

Additionally, the new motors offer a wide range of shaft designs, including flats, threads, cross bore, and drive elements such as pinions, pulleys and worm gears that can be easily attached according to customer specifications.

About Buehler Motor

Buehler Motor is an independent, globally active company focused on the development, production and marketing of technically challenging mechatronic drive solutions for the world’s leading manufacturers in the automotive, aerospace, business automation, medical device and other industries. Driven by innovation, Buehler Motor offers comprehensive in-house research and development with more than 120 engineers and 1,600 qualified employees delivering more than 20 million units worldwide. Buehler Motor’s Product Implementation Process (PIP) ensures superior manufacturing processes and the highest quality products for all standard line and customized drive solutions.

As part of the worldwide Buehler Motor family, Buehler Motor, Inc. (BMI), based in Morrisville, N.C., offers its North American customers a combination of German engineering, research and development, manufacturing, and local sales and customer support — plus the competitive pricing advantages and on-time delivery that come from a global production footprint spanning three continents.

For more information about Buehler Motor and products, please call (919) 380-3329 or visit

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