Specific Market Segments Are Trucking, Trailers, Cars and MotorSports Vehicles

NavStar Technologies, Inc., a company focused on producing and commercializing products and services for tracking/monitoring and reporting on the location and condition of high value cargo and other assets, is pleased to announce more specific features and functionality of its monitoring and tracking product and services specifically focused on vehicles and other high value assets.

About 3.5″ x 2.25″ x .75″, this vehicle tracking device will be one of the smallest in the industry. With 2MB of “on-board” memory the device can store up to 20,000 records and the backup battery will achieve optimal efficiency when combined with the built in motion sensor to maximize power usage.

Other features include:

— Discrete input/output ports for tracking attributes of a vehicle
(speed, braking, idle time, etc.)
— 200 geo fences
— Quad band GSM/GPRS wireless connectivity
— 20 Channel GPS receiver
— TCP/IP, UDP/IP internet protocol
— Customizable messages and reports
— Many other features

“Our products and services have never been easier to use. We have taken the experience from having 20,000 units in service and developed the most advanced tracking and monitoring product in the GPS/Wireless asset tracking market,” said N. Douglas Pritt, Chairman and CEO, NavStar Technologies, Inc. “We back our products and services with 100% commitment to quality with the best customer service in the industry and our web based software can generate a standard reports package or can be customized to support the specific needs of individual customers.”

Field testing is completed on the vehicle tracking device and manufacturing will begin this summer.

About NavStar Technologies, Inc.

NavStar (www.navstarinc.com) is focused on the creation of products and services that provide tracking and monitoring of vehicles and high value cargo, equipment, and other valuable and personal assets.

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Sat. June 15th, 2024

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