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Insurance Telematics Products & Services Set To Gain from Data Availability

The growth of insurance telematics products and services (ITPS) will be driven by data obtained by consumers and given to insurers. ITPS will grow from 300,000 units to over one million in 2011, (Source Telematics Update). 

ITPS builds on the ability of telematics technology to collect, aggregate and analyse data about driving behaviour and road conditions. As more data is made available, products such as Pay As You Drive (PAYD) and Manage How You Drive (MHYD) will increase in popularity. 

Telematics Update announced the publication of a new report, The Future for Insurance: Smart Vehicle Technology. The report details an extensive analysis of the products and services across the insurance telematics industry including US, Europe, Brazil, South Africa, Russia, Japan, and China. 

The report assesses available data, information and strategies from over 20 leading insurers, OEMs, and suppliers. It is targeted at the entire insurance telematics value chain, from insurers, vehicle OEM, device manufacturers, solution providers and data aggregators. 

The Future for Insurance: Smart Vehicle Technology is now available and a sample of the report can be seen by visiting, 

The report outlines: 

• Comprehensive global market forecasts including device manufacturers and wireless carriers 

• Strategy advice on a winning insurance telematics business model including market segmentation and partnerships 

• Real-life case studies from key insurance telematics pilots and programs 

• Telematics usage-based insurance [UBI] strategies of major insurance carriers 

• The latest updates on a complex regulatory and legislative landscape 

For more information on how to purchase the report go to 

The report takes a global look at the emerging ITPS market , examining insurance telematics products from around the globe and focuses on key growth areas.
For more information contact Krystyna Grant, Telematics Update on +44 207 375 7241 or email 

Telematics Update reports are the most prestigious in the industry. We produce business focussed telematics reports in North America, Europe & Asia.

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Sun. May 26th, 2024

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