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Asbury Automotive Group Chooses Dataium’s Advanced Auto Shopper Analytics

Asbury Automotive Group, with nearly 100 dealerships, is one of the largest and most successful dealer groups in the United States. The company recently signed an agreement with Dataium, a consumer behavior analytics company serving the automotive industry, to use its VisiCogn Knowledge Center and INSITE applications to obtain a greater understanding of how auto shoppers are engaging on their multiple websites. The company’s Internet technology specialists will utilize Dataium’s business intelligence application, VisiCogn Knowledge Center, to develop custom dashboards and reports for greater visibility into website performance, car buyer behavior, and performance of their sales and marketing initiatives. Local Asbury dealerships will be provided with Dataium’s award winning VisiCogn INSITE desktop application for real-time access to critical online reports.

With these new tools, Asbury Automotive Group will have an independent, unbiased data source for its website performance, such as, unique users, page views, time on site, and lead to visitor ratio. However, the VisiCogn products go much further, by providing visibility to how auto shoppers are using Asbury’s websites, what inventory they are searching for, what areas of the website are delivering leads, what websites and inventory are consumers shopping for beyond Asbury Automotive Group’s own websites, as well as, what share of the auto shoppers online shopping sessions, lead submissions, and more are these websites earning. Further, the new reporting tools also allow Asbury’s Internet team to benchmark their website performance against others in their respective markets, brands, or nationwide.

“Dataium truly has developed revolutionary new technology, and we are confident this will revolutionize the online experience for our customers and the performance of our dealerships nationwide,” stated Bill Egan, E-commerce Manager of Asbury Automotive Group.

Jason Ezell, President of Dataium, further commented, “It is very gratifying when an auto dealer group, such as Asbury Automotive Group, selects your product to support their sales and marketing, especially in such a challenging market place.” Mr. Ezell added, “We are committed to providing Asbury Automotive exceptional products, customer support, and results.”

About Dataium, LLC
Dataium is the largest aggregator of Internet automotive shopping activity. The company collects, analyzes, and indexes billions of online automotive shopping events from over 15 million active auto shoppers. The company supports patented data collection and reporting technology; VisiCogn® Collection Utility, VisiCogn® Knowledge Center, VisiCogn® INSITE, and is also known for its ASI™ index. For more information, visit, email:, or call 877-896-DATA (3282).

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Fri. June 14th, 2024

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