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Latest developments in steering systems at the 5th Advanced Steering Systems Conference

Ever more sophisticated steering system technologies remain an integral part of the modern passenger car, and they are becoming more important in larger vehicles and SUVs. Automotive professionals will converge on IQPC’s 5th Advanced Steering Systems 2011 from 14 – 16 November 2011 in Wiesbaden, Germany, to discuss the latest trends in steering system technology.

At the event, delegates will have the opportunity to discuss developments with international original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and steering systems & steering components suppliers, as well as hear presentations and case studies covering the following subject areas: 

• Implementation of the upcoming ISO 26262 and its impact on the automotive industry
• Advantages of electric power steering (EPS) and software potentials and limits
• Electro-hydraulic power steering for larger vehicles and SUVs
• Active front steering and driveline dynamics functions
• Integration of active steering into the chassis control
• Defining optimal steering performance and resolving trade-offs

In addition to the two main conference days, delegates can also participate in an interactive workshop day to examine more in-depth topics such as the concept and advantages of EPS, steer-by-wire, active steering for active safety and sensor concepts. There will also be a panel discussion surrounding EPS and the following related topics: 

• Is there a need for standardisation in EPS?
• Functional safety: The challenge of ISO 26262
• Possible improvements
• The influence of new driveline technologies

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