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Tesla Motors opens its first gallery in Texas in the Houston Galleria shopping center this weekend, bringing its innovative electric vehicle technology to the Lone Star State. In compliance with Texas law, Tesla will not be selling cars at the gallery. It is designed to invite the public in to explore Tesla’s technology and learn about electric vehicles.

Tesla catalyzed the auto industry in 2008 with the launch of the Tesla Roadster, the world’s first highway-capable electric vehicle. Able to plug into any conventional outlet, the Roadster travels 245 miles on a single charge and accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds, proving that people don’t have to compromise on performance or convenience to drive a zero-emission car. Now Tesla is furthering its mission with the first mass-produced electric premium sedan, Model S, which hits the road next year.

As Model S enters the final stages of development, Tesla is reinventing the way people learn and make decisions about cars.

Tesla chose the centrally-located Galleria to expose as many people as possible to the advantages and practicality of electric vehicles. The layout of the space engages and informs visitors with hands-on exhibits, interactive touch-screen experiences, and the opportunity to sit behind the wheel.

“We are changing the way people learn and think about electric vehicles,” says Tesla Co-Founder and CEO Elon Musk. “Opening a location in the heart of Houston will allow us to expose a new, forward-thinking audience to the benefits of driving electric and Tesla’s market-leading technology.”

The Houston gallery is one of several new Tesla locations opening in the next several months, marking a major expansion in North America. More than 6,000 of the premium sedans have already been reserved around the world.

As part of its goal to revolutionize the way people interact with cars, Tesla allows people to customize their own vehicles online and in its galleries with touch-screen interfaces using its virtual Design Studio. More information on Tesla and its vehicles can be found at

As the only company focused purely on developing electric vehicles, Tesla owns the entire process from design to the road. This facilitates nimble communication between engineers and product advisers to ensure exceptional service.

The Houston gallery will be Tesla’s tenth in the U.S. It operates twenty locations around the world, including in Europe and Asia.

About Tesla

Tesla’s goal is to accelerate the world’s transition to electric mobility with a full range of electric cars. Palo Alto, California-based Tesla designs and manufactures EVs and EV powertrain components. Tesla has delivered more than 1,800 Roadsters, the world’s first electric sports car, to customers worldwide. Model S, the first premium sedan to be built from the ground up as an electric vehicle, hits the road in North America in mid-2012, and in Europe and Asia in late 2012.

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