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Hitor Group Announces New Technology

After more than four years of tireless Research & Development Hitor Group (OTCQB: HITR) (PINKSHEETS: HITR) in conjunction with Micfil, Germany is now ready to introduce the latest technology in the fuel savings and emission reduction arena. The product we have temporarily named the NJCT. The NJCT is a totally new technology that is relatively easy to install, works on both gas and diesel engines and in short and long term tests fuel savings have been dramatically increased and emissions have also been improved. These types of results are unheard of in the transportation industry and Hitor believes that the NJCT will become one of the standards in both the fuel and emission segments in the transportation market.

Hitor has signed an exclusive marketing agreement with Micfil, Waldbrunn, Germany to distribute their products Worldwide. The much anticipated third party testing being conducted is scheduled to be completed early 2012 with initial orders from many of the transportation segments starting shortly thereafter. All NJCT units will be manufactured to the highest standards in Germany.

Ken Martin, CEO Hitor Group, says, “After the successful test of the NJCT, we anticipate cutting the emissions by at least 50% and saving fuel between 35-40%. We should then go quickly to the next phase and do the field test on the locomotives and trucks; with results like these a device would be cost effective in one to two months.”

About Hitor Group:
Hitor Group, Inc. (HITR) is the producer of the patent applied for Nano-Jet line of magnetic fuel performance enhancing Modules. Nano-Jet offers the most highly refined and effective fuel performance enhancement technology available in the market today. Nano-Jet’s proprietary design breaks down the molecular clusters which naturally exist in the fuel into single molecules and polarizes those molecules to enable a more complete combustion of the fuel/air mix. Extensive testing of the line of Nano-Jet models on a variety of gasoline and diesel engines has conclusively proven that fuel treated by these fuel performance optimizing devices produces measurably more power, increases fuel economy by an average of 5% or more and reduces toxic exhaust emissions 30% or more. The Nano-Jet Fuel Module is suitable for use with a wide variety of internal combustion power plants from the smallest single cylinder gasoline engine to diesel railroad locomotives and marine diesels. To learn more about The Hitor Group, please visit our website at