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HPEV Continues Development of Initial Hybrid Conversion

Final Component Commissioned

HPEV, Inc. commissioned the final component in its hybrid commercialization platform: a controller and software from AC Propulsion, a manufacturer of battery and propulsion systems for electric vehicles.

Once all the components are in place, HPEV’s veteran team of engineers will begin the assembly and integration. Their shared goal:
convert a one ton Ford 350 into a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle that delivers — under full load, full passenger and a full duty cycle — 30 mpg by relying on HPEV patent-pending technology they call “electric load assist.”

“The Ford motor is almost a global industry standard,” said Tim Hassett, lead engineer. “Whether F150, F250, F450 or even F550, the platform is still the same. In fact, it wouldn’t even have to be a Ford. HPEV technology is vehicle agnostic and scalable up and down. That’s why we’ll also be converting a military Humvee.”

The initial conversion will feature a number of other innovations including HPEV heat pipe technology incorporated in the brakes, rotors and calipers. The anticipated benefits include cooler operating temperatures, longer component life and a reduction in heat-related failures.

About HPEV, Inc.:
HPEV is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Z3 Enterprises, a Nevada corporation. HPEV technologies enable the conversion of existing vehicles into plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. HPEV’s composite heat pipes quickly transfer thermal energy in any direction, even against the pull of gravity. For more information, visit Stock listing at (PINKSHEETS:BIBB).

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Mon. July 15th, 2024

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