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NIPSCO Awards Contract to 350Green for EV Market Study and Implementation Plan for State of Indiana

Analysis and Plan First Step in Development of Statewide Charging Network

350Green, a developer of electric vehicle (E.V.) charging station networks, announced today it has been awarded a contract by NIPSCO, the state of Indiana’s largest natural gas distribution company and second largest electric distribution company, to produce a plug-in Electric Vehicle (PEV) Market Penetration Study and Infrastructure Plan. The analysis is the first step in the development and launch of a broader EV charging network in NIPSCO’s service area.

350Green will use a blend of EV sales projections and its real-world experience as a charging station network installer, owner, and operator to develop the plan for implementing an infrastructure network, including recommendations on ownership, operation, and maintenance of the network as well as cost estimates for installing chargers at different types of locations.

Types of locations include: along major public transportation routes, at employee workplaces or commercial establishments, or on municipal property. As part of the Infrastructure Plan 350Green will provide recommendations for the charger locations (including the best actual places for the different location types), as well as the number and type of charging station to be installed at each location type.

350Green will use its real-world experience modeling EV charging station demands to implement municipal-scale EV charging station networks to provide the Infrastructure Plan with realistic and industry ‘best practices’ recommendations. The plan will include methods for lowering the barriers to EV adoption that are beneficial to the EV owner, the utility, as well as the charging station host in order to maximize the impact of the network.

“We are honored to have been selected to provide such important research and a strategic plan for NIPSCO,” said Mariana Gerzanych, co-founder and CEO of 350Green. “As excited as people are to jump into EVs, careful thought and planning must happen up front to make the system as effective and efficient as possible. NIPSCO is smart to have made the investment in this type of study and plan — it will ensure the resulting network is the best it can be.”

Placing chargers near where people live and work is considered an important part of reducing the “range anxiety” that could otherwise slow the adoption of electric vehicles. To ease fears of batteries sputtering mid-trip, 350Green has been working with partners across the country to meet the rising demand for convenient charging options.

“We evaluated many of the top consulting and project management firms in the EV space and we were pleased with 350Green’s approach to furthering the adoption of electric vehicles,” said Kevin Kirkham, director of regulatory strategic analysis for NIPSCO. “We’re looking forward to collaborating with them on this project to develop the best plan possible to bring convenient and cost effective EV charging solutions to residents and drivers in northern Indiana.”

About 350Green
Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, 350Green is a project developer that designs, builds and operates a scalable, nationwide network of electric vehicle (E.V.) charging stations. The company partners with retailers, commercial property managers and developers, and municipalities to locate charging stations at places near where E.V. drivers live and work. Current projects are underway in Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, California, and New York. The company has signed partnerships with Walgreens and Simon Property Group, among others. More information is available at

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