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Bologna to focus on sustainable mobility, innovation, and technology


Events such as the Bologna Motor Show continue to draw both crowds and exhibitors in the face of the financial woes facing Europe and other parts of the globe.

Organizers of the 37th edition of the Bologna Motor Show are not taking any chances, however, and are offering an event lineup which combines a static exhibition with a dynamic and entertaining showcase of the best in motoring on two and four wheels. Visitors will even be given a chance to test drive some of the new models launched at the show. Bologna 212, which is being held from December 5 to December 16, will also focus on sustainable mobility, innovation, technology and connectivity.

In 2011, the Innovation Hall was one of the highlights of the show, with a focus on technological innovation, and featuring cars that have made motoring history. The hall was organized in collaboration with ASI, Automotoclub Storico Italiano, and BolognaFiere. Bologna Motor show organizers GL Events is listed on the Paris Stock Exchange. The company organizes more than 2,700 events a year, hosting more than 30,000 exhibitors and over 8,000,000 members of the public and corporate representatives at shows around the world. GL Events owns or manages 35 exhibition/conference centers and poly-functional hubs located in France, the UK, Hungary, Belgium, Spain, Brazil, the US and China. The group has more than 3,500 employees working in 91 offices found in 14 countries. 

Automotive Industries (AI) asked Giada Michetti, CEO of GL Events Italy to describe some of the highlights to be expected from this year’s Bologna Motor Show.

Michetti: The Bologna Motor Show is the only event of its kind specifically aimed at
the Italian market. Despite the current financial difficulties present in the automotive industry, our vehicle manufacturers’ commitment to the event will see us able to offer our visitors a significant number of worldwide, European and national previews. We will also strengthen the entertainment factor. One of the event’s most distinctive characteristics is the ability for all visitors to live a 360° automotive experience thanks to our “see, touch and try” philosophy. of GL Events Italy.

AI: Tell us about some of the conferences that will be held around the 2012 Bologna Motor Show.

Michetti: Car manufactures will, as usual, host press conferences dedicated for press and trade professionals during the first two days. Although it is too early to release a detailed schedule, this year’s main themes include sustainable mobility,
innovation, technology and connectivity. They will be discussed at various conferences and conventions aimed at getting to the core of these subjects for key industry players.
AI: Tell us about GL Events’ automotive shows across the globe. For example the Qatar Motor Show, and what kind of impact the shows have had on their various regions?
Michetti: The Qatar Motor Show has become the most important motoring event in the Middle East in just two years. It attracted more than 120,000 visitors to the show this year, establishing itself as an international showcase and entertainment event, with competitions, drifting and freestyle demonstrations from leading experts and world renowned professional drivers, as well as test drive opportunities for show-goers.

GL events Italy, together with GL events Brazil is also working on the development and implementation of the Rio Motor Show in the Rio Centro fair district. The first edition is planned for autumn 2013, and is set to take place biennially, combining BTC exhibition with a strong dynamic, interactive factor. We identified a need for a motor show in this area through doing an in-depth analysis of the automotive market. Our statistics showed an 11% growth in the industry in a country that is as big as the entire continent of Europe. We also found that it currently hosts only one auto show in San Paolo, but is home to a number of vehicle manufacturing plants. We are confident that Brazil is a good place to showcase our event expertise and our “see, touch and try” philosophy.

AI: What are some of the top automotive trends you predict for this year? 

Michetti: Automotive trends are set by the major vehicle manufacturers, and auto shows offer a representation, or overall “big picture” of what is going on. In my opinion, we have to consider the market’s different situations; BRICS countries are approaching their first mass motorization, while Europe and North America are saturated markets living in an economic crisis since 2008. From this perspective, downsizing is one of the most relevant trends that can be expected.

AI: How will these trends be reflected in GL Events’ automotive exhibitions?

Michetti: For a number of years, we have been working on turning automotive trends into concrete opportunities for our clients and visitors. In Bologna and Lyon, the focus is on sustainable mobility. In Qatar, the focus is on “haute de gamme” customized and luxury cars, and in Rio the event will showcase GL Events’ expertise in combining a static exhibition with a dynamic and entertaining driving experience which suits the
Brazilian lifestyle.

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