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Singapore’s quest for cleaner air has been given a boost by the opening of LiqTech Pte Ltd, the Singapore arm of clean technologies specialist LiqTech International. 

“Our presence in Singapore also provides LiqTech a unique opportunity to work with key academic, private and public institutions, seeking new uses for our membranes in Wastewater and Ballast Water Treatment. Furthermore, as the region tackles air quality issues and seeks better air quality in Asian cities, we see future opportunities for LiqTech emission control technologies,” says Lasse Andreassen, CEO of LiqTech International. 

Danish company LiqTech has developed a range of products around its core technology, which is the manipulation of silicon carbide (SiC) – one the most durable of man-made materials. 

In October 2011, the company appointed Tim Rogers as the Director of International Sales and Marketing. Rogers, prior to joining LiqTech International A/S, held the positions of interim Chief Executive Officer and Board Director for Clean Diesel Technologies from September, 2010 until the merger with Catalytic Solutions later that year. 

Automotive Industries (AI) asked Andreassen to tell us about LiqTech’s progress in the field of emission control.
We have made good progress with customer acceptance trials of our new Assymetric Silicon Carbide DPF. We have demonstrated that we can match the performance of our competitors’ DPFs whilst providing a more durable substrate which ensures that customer warranty requirements can be met. 

AI: How do you see global demand for your technologies growing?
: Our Silicon Carbide DPF material can be adapted to accept new atypical catalyst coatings. For example in anticipation of future legislation restricting PM emissions from gasoline direct injection (GDI), we are developing DPF substrates which accept PGM TWC coatings. In a similar way applying SCR coating to DPF substrates for future diesel emissions our SiC technology is proving to be more suited to that use than conventional cordierite material is not suitable
AI: What are your plans for setting up production facilities in North America and East Asia?
We are particularly pleased with our new catalyst manufacturing facility in our factory in Copenhagen. This flexible new production line allows us to make customer specific formulation for the specialized applications for both and retrofit alike. This model gives us the platform to expand our catalyst production in North America and Korea. 

AI: How does LiqTech’s involvement with OEMs and aftermarket differ from region to region?
Interestingly, much OEM technology for the Asian markets tends to be more robust than used elsewhere. Our retrofit know-how is therefore in demand in this market. We recognize the need to be more global as our presence in the OEMs expands. 

Automotive Industries then asked Rogers what LiqTech’s global expansion strategy has been so far, and what role the Singapore office has played.
Singapore, uniquely, has been set up to service all Liqtech products and services. However, as Singapore is a well-established water hub, it follows that the initial focus will be on water treatment. However, we anticipate that clean air / low emission zones will be set up in the region and we will be in a good position to supply the local system integrators 

AI: Tell us a little about your expansion strategy
It is our intention over the next 18 months to expand into regions of the world where we see demand and growth for our products. This means we will be establishing and strengthening our presence in Korea, The Middle East and Brazil. This will be a combination of regional sales offices combined with strategic manufacturing facilities. 

AI: What are some of the emission control technologies LiqTech is promoting internationally?
Our primary area of interest is the promotion of OEM DPF technology that can be combined with multifunctional catalyst coatings to provide compact and low cost Nox and PM control. So DPF and SCR combinations with durable substrates is our focus. 

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