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All the major tire manufacturers in the world will participate in the REIFEN tire trade show, which organizers expect to attract 18,000 visitors from 130 nations at Messe Essen from June 5 to June 8, 2012. Held every two years, this edition is expected to see some 600 exhibitors from 40 nations showcasing the latest products and services for everything to do with new tires, the tire trade, tire and chassis technology, tire retreading, vulcanization and garages. 

The fair comes just before the July 1 deadline for manufacturers to have a “green tires” label on their tires detailing fuel consumption, wet grip and noise levels. It will be obligatory to inform customers about the tire label from December 1. 

Automotive Industries (AI) asked Frank Thorwirth, Chairman and CEO of Messe Essen, what are some of the topics/issues that will be highlighted at REIFEN 2012?
REIFEN will once again set trends: The “Green Tire” and ecology. The focus will be on appropriate applications for these. We expect much of the interest to focus on the new EU labeling. 

AI: How will the 2012 event be different from the earlier REIFEN?
The basic concept of REIFEN and the concentration on its range on offer have proven their worth, and are making a not inconsiderable contribution to its worldwide success. Thus, there is no reason to alter anything in the general concept. REIFEN not only has a good reputation as an ordering platform, but is also a networking platform which brings together all the decision-takers in the sector in a time-efficient way. The fair behind the fair is a building block in our success, which should not be underestimated. All the market leaders, including Bridgestone, Nokian and Toyo will be participants. Many of the exhibitors have enlarged their booth area. Of course, we are constantly tuning the details: with regard to the service, the fair preparation and the specialization of the available range in order to offer an even more optimized stay in Essen to our customers on both the exhibitor and visitor sides. 

AI: What do you think are some of the major issues facing the tire industry today?
: Sustainability is a key term which is being discussed at length in the tire industry. For this reason, great significance will be attached to the main subject of “Green Tires”. Bundesverband Reifenhandel und Vulkaniseur-Handwerk e.V. (BRV – “Federal Association of the Tire Trade and the Vulcanizes Skilled Trade”), which is the ideal sponsor of REIFEN, will host a fair-accompanying specialist conference called “Tire Label”. At Messe Essen on June 5 – 8, 2012, the global market will meet in one place. There will be important cross-pollination of ideas with regard to ecology, the environment and waste disposal. 

Both the visitors and the exhibitors will profit from the combined expert know-how that will stretch beyond national borders.

Automotive Industries also spoke to Peter Hülzer, Executive Chairman of BRV, and asked what makes REIFEN an important trade fair for the tire industry?
For years, REIFEN in Essen has been the world’s premier fair in the tire sector. No other fair offers the manufacturers a comparable possibility of presenting and recommending their ranges of available products and services to such a large, highly interested trade public from all countries.

In addition: Essen’s tire fair is the ideal platform not only for customer discussions and business deals, but also for sharing one’s own information about the newest trends and developments in the sector. On the one hand, this is ensured by the trade show and the highly interesting supporting program. On the other hand, the fair naturally also provides plenty of opportunities for the informal exchange of opinions. Thus, REIFEN is the most important meeting place not only of the tire industry but also of the tire sector in general.

AI: How do events like REIFEN help in raising awareness of new technologies and issues?
REIFEN 2012 will focus on two highly topical issues:
On the one hand, the tire marking (tire labeling) which compulsory at the European level from 2012 and, on the other hand, the issue of ecology (keyword: “Green Tire”). Not only the trade will be able to obtain extensive information about the newest trends and developments. Thanks to the traditionally high interest of the media in the premier fair in the sector, we are certain that the public’s focus will also be increasingly directed to these issues.

AI: What are you expecting as a sponsor from REIFEN
: As a sponsor of the tire fair for many years, we are naturally hoping that REIFEN 2012 will continue the success story of the past, and will consolidate the position of Essen’s tire fair as the world’s premier fair even further. Experience shows us that this hope is absolutely justified because our already optimistic expectations with regard to exhibitor and visitor figures are exceeded as a rule. Wait and see. It may even be possible to set more records with REIFEN 2012. The signs are good