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Antenna Group EVP Caroline Venza Moderates Panel on PV and EVs at World Renewable Energy Forum 2012

Panel explores shared adoption curves and demand dynamics

Three industry heavyweights came together yesterday in a forum on the growing convergence of photovoltaics (PV) and electric vehicles (EVs). Set at the American Solar Energy Society’s World Renewable Energy Forum (WREF), the panel explored synergies between the two industries from the perspective of Schneider Electric, ECOtality and REC Solar.

The well-attended panel was moderated by Caroline Venza, executive vice president of Antenna Group, North America’s largest public relations firm dedicated to clean and renewable energy technologies, and featured Schneider Electric’s Maryline Lewett, ECOtality’s Steve Schey and REC Solar’s Cary Hayes. Lewett and Schey conveyed lessons learned and data from the global and domestic EV sector, while Hayes addressed a 35 percent overlay between solar buyers and EV buyers.

Exploring synergies between the two industries, the panelists examined factors driving residential and commercial adoption of PV and EV, behavior data gathered by The EV Project that is informing policy, and discussed the demand dynamics leading to new partnerships and programs like Schneider’s EcoExpert training program for solar installers and contractors. The panel ended by looking towards the future, examining new stakeholders and significant milestones on the horizon.

“Though everything we’ve discussed today — new partnerships, new milestones, new data points — is promising, we’re still in the early adoption phase of PV/EV buyers,” said REC Solar’s Hayes. “Still, when we see gasoline prices in California hit $5.00 a gallon, that’s when we expect the next big push for the industry.”

To learn more about the panel discussion please read Caroline Venza’s blog post on Antenna Transmissions.

About Antenna Group

Antenna Group,, is the largest clean technology public relations firm in North America and its parent company, Beckerman, ranks among the fastest-growing public relations agencies in the industry. Antenna Group is a dedicated advocate for innovative technology businesses whose products or services contribute to a cleaner, more energy-efficient world. Antenna’s cleantech client-partners are multinational companies for which it serves as agency of record, leading strategy and managing outreach via partners worldwide. Antenna’s experience includes renewable energy of all kinds; energy efficiency; energy storage; finance, from utility-scale to residential; waste management; water; and food purification. Cleantech embraces modern energy, green tech and technologies for sustainable living.

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