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Bang & Olufsen is now available in the Mercedes-Benz E-Class with the BeoSound AMG High-End Sound Sy

Bang & Olufsen, the renowned Danish high-end audio visual manufacturer, launches a new high-end in-car sound system for the Mercedes-Benz E-Class (Limousine and Station Wagon).The Bang & Olufsen BeoSound AMG is now available in the whole engine range of the E-Class and has all the power and finesse of previous BeoSound AMG High-End Sound Systems, including a design that echoes the unique, functional sportiness and sleek interior lines of the Mercedes E-Class.

“Bang & Olufsen is pleased to provide another outstanding in-car sound system for the whole line-up of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. The system demonstrates the perfect craftsmanship and high quality our sound engineers and designers are capable of achieving in close partnership with Mercedes-AMG engineers,” said Jens Peter Zinck, Managing Director Bang & Olufsen

A Synthesis of Power and Design
The Bang & Olufsen BeoSound AMG for the E-Class has a power and finesse to match the sportiness and business-class comfort of the E-Class. With 14 fully active loudspeakers and 1200 watts – due to the Bang & Olufsen patented ICEpower amplifier technology – the system has enough power to create a realistic and clear sound that matches that of a movie theater or live concert. This power has been finely tuned by a team of Bang & Olufsen sound engineers, who spent hundreds of hours tweaking the system to create the perfect sound for every position in the car.

Placing loudspeakers in the ideal positions within the limitations of a car’s interior is not always possible, which is why Bang & Olufsen’s proprietary technology, Acoustic Lens Technology (ALT), plays such an important role in the system’s superb sound reproduction. Located on the inside bracket of each wing mirror, the system’s two Acoustic Lenses are able to disperse sound horizontally across 180-degrees, improving the overall sense of space and realism regardless of a passenger’s position in the car.

Each Bang & Olufsen BeoSound AMG system is custom-made to the car it is designed for, which is clearly demonstrated by the location of the left and right front midrange loudspeakers located in the doors. Bang & Olufsen designers considered the unique contours of the car’s interior and placed these loudspeakers at chest level instead of the traditional foot level to further enhance the overall sound performance of the system.

Creating a seamless listening experience is paramount in the ability to fully enjoy the system, which is why the Bang & Olufsen BeoSound AMG for the E-Class is equipped with Vehicle Noise Compensation (VNC), a Bang & Olufsen technology. Using special cabin-mounted microphones, VNC gathers information about interior and exterior noise and subtly adjusts the system to maintain a consistent level of performance regardless of changing conditions, such as sudden acceleration and uneven road surfaces.

To further focus the sound, the system has front, rear, and all-vehicle sound modes. A “True Image” menu allows for a “reference” soundstage that is similar to a recording studio and a “surrounding” setting that makes the listener feel like the musician is performing just for him.

Definitive Design for the Business Class Adding to its rich and clear sound experience is a design that perfectly integrates into the Mercedes E-Class sophisticated business-class interior. Designed by the highly acclaimed Bang & Olufsen designer David Lewis, the system’s design draws on Bang & Olufsen’s rich Danish design heritage, while echoing the sporty, yet refined lines of the interior.

The system’s loudspeakers maintain the lines of the vehicle’s interior and are topped with a delicate hole pattern and an anodized aluminum finish. The result is a look that becomes one with the contours of the vehicle’s interior. Its aluminum speaker grilles showcase the company’s renowned material processing skills.

Mounted on the inside bracket of each wing mirror, the system’s two acoustic lenses, or ALTs, feature integrated LED lighting, which highlight the connection between Bang & Olufsen’s well-known home audio loudspeakers, BeoLab 9, and its in-car sound systems. Controlled by a sensor under the rear-view mirror, the LED lighting shifts seamlessly between day and night mode and smoothly fades to meet the lighting conditions of the vehicle upon activation, a visually pleasing accompaniment to the system’s impressive sound.

A Partnership of Leading Brands
The Bang & Olufsen BeoSound AMG for the E-Class is the perfect combination of cutting-edge technology and a breath-taking design backed by a partnership of the leading brand Mercedes-AMG and Bang & Olufsen. The system perfectly reflects the sportiness, superior quality and perfect business-class comfort of the E-Class and provides yet another great reason why fans of Mercedes-AMG and Bang & Olufsen are excited about this partnership.

The Bang & Olufsen BeoSound AMG for the E-Class is available as an upgrade option and will begin to arrive in all 2013 models this summer.

Technical specifications

14 fully active loudspeakers:

— 2 x 19 mm tweeters – acoustic lenses with built in lighting (front)
— 1 x 80 mm centre midrange (front centre)
— 2 x 80 mm midranges (front door)
— 2 x 165 mm woofers (front door)
— 2 x 25 mm tweeters (rear door)
— 2 x 165 mm woofers (rear door)
— 2 x 80 mm surround (rear)
— 1 x 200 mm subwoofers (rear)
1200 watts at 1% distortion level

14-channel DSP (Digital Signal Processing) Amplifier:

— True-Image(TM): Proprietary Bang & Olufsen up-mix algorithm for stereo
and 5.1 multichannel material
— Vehicle Noise Compensation (VNC): Volume levelling dependent on noise,
speed and climate control setting 5-channel ICEpower® Amplifier

Bang & Olufsen was founded in Struer, Denmark, in 1925 by Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen, two innovative, young engineers devoted to high quality audio reproduction. Since then, the brand has become an icon of performance and design excellence through its long-standing craftsmanship tradition and the strongest possible commitment to high-tech research and development.

Still at the forefront of domestic technology, Bang & Olufsen has extended its comprehensive experience with integrated audio and video solutions for the home to other areas such as the hospitality and automotive industries in recent years. Consequently, its current product range epitomizes seamless media experiences in the home as well as in the car and on the move.

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Bang & Olufsen Automotive offers its partners car audio systems with unprecedented sound quality and listening pleasure for the driver and passengers. In addition to the company’s traditional craft skills within manufacturing and aluminum finishing, the systems incorporate the radical synthesis of emotional appeal and technological performance that has long been the hallmark of Bang & Olufsen.

Bang & Olufsen Automotive launched its first car audio system in 2005, and will continue to innovate and refine together with its partners within the automotive industry.

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