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Cloud-based Content Delivery to Vehicles with Investment in M-Way Solutions of Germany

The worlds of mobile services, internet access and dashboard human-machine interfaces further converged as Agero Connected Vehicle Services, a global leader in vehicle connectivity innovation, announced today an investment in M-Way Solutions GmbH, of Stuttgart, Germany, a proven provider of mobile enterprise software and mobile services.

The partnership will enhance Agero’s current capability to provide global automakers with cloud-based solutions by adding a market-proven platform for delivering tailored Web-based content into connected vehicles. Agero plans to couple M-Way’s platform and technology with Agero’s third-generation telematics infrastructure, which integrates diverse functions within the vehicle’s electronic architecture, resulting in services tailored to drivers through multiple in-vehicle and off-board human machine interfaces.

Through its Mobile Enterprise Application Platform, mCAP, M-Way enables businesses to implement the full spectrum of mobile enterprise services, including enterprise app distribution/mobile device management, workflows, mobile customer relationship management (CRM) services, and mobile commerce solutions for all mobile devices such as iOS, Android, BlackBerry, smartphones and tablets. The company also has been developing and providing production systems and platforms for both premium- and mass-market automotive clients. The maturity of the mCAP platform, which has served clients in the European mobile enterprise market for the past several years, led to Agero’s investment in repurposing the platform for in-vehicle content delivery, pre-sales, marketing, mobility, and after-sales, as well as dealer- and customer-CRM services.

“This partnership enables Agero to accelerate the deployment of the next level of innovation in connected vehicle services, providing unique user experiences inside the vehicle, as well as helping global automakers extend their brand experience beyond the vehicle into the next-generation mobility eco-system,” said Charlie Cavolina, president of Agero Connected Vehicle Services. “A key element to this is a scalable and flexible platform sitting on a proven infrastructure, delivering relevant and valuable services to the consumer in methods optimized for the driving experience.”

Cavolina added that Agero’s investment in M-Way also supports the deployment for Agero’s services into the European market and other global markets.

“We sought a strategic collaboration with Agero because of its unique and long-time experience in working with global automakers in meeting the connected needs of drivers,” said Volker Hahn, CEO of M-Way. “Agero’s core competencies match perfectly with our proven software, cloud-based mobile approach and applications expertise. The objective is a seamless integration of mobile services onto the head unit. The flexible extension of new services will make sure that the head unit offers added value for the years to come. With Agero as a partner, we will be in a position to drive innovation and better leverage our products and solutions in the U.S. and to clients in international markets.”

Agero foresees the next wave of connected vehicle services to be more complex than simply enabling drivers to access mobile apps via their dashboard, according to Frank Hirschenberger, Agero’s director of Product Innovation. “The M-Way partnership will enable Agero to effectively and quickly implement several critical system aspects to meet this challenge,” he added.

The two companies envision content delivered to drivers as part of an aggregated service that includes personalization and mobile CRM processes, pre-sales and after sales services, while conforming to human-machine interface requirements that meet the safety demands within the vehicle cockpit.

A pioneer in the connected vehicle space, Agero has been recognized for its recent innovations in the area of interactive speech recognition technology, utilizing cloud-based natural language speech to exchange information with drivers that Agero serves through its development and management of Hyundai’s Blue Link® and Nissan’s Infiniti ConnectionTM connected vehicle services programs.

About Agero

Agero, Inc., the parent company of Agero Connected Services and a member of The Cross Country Group (CCG) of companies, is a leading provider of private-labeled, connected vehicle services for the automotive, insurance and after-market industries and is a market leader in roadside assistance and claims management. The parent company is based in Medford, Mass., the company has operations throughout North America and offices in Europe. For more information, visit

About M-Way Solutions

M-Way is a leading provider of mobile enterprise software and services. The company enables medium- and large-sized businesses to mobilize employees and company processes. Based in Stuttgart, Germany, the company serves international clients in a wide range of industries. with special mobile solutions for the automotive industry.

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Tue. July 23rd, 2024

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