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Energiz Renewable Inc is bringing clean tech projects EVE and EDEN to the Israeli market

ERI (Energiz Renewable Inc.) (OTN: ERIP) is a solar panel company that is planning to bring the highly anticipated project of EDEN (Economically Driven Environmentally Necessary) and EVE (Electric Vehicle Evolution) to the Israeli market in cooperation with The Innovation Nation.

The exciting cooperation works beautifully together because it is based on the mutual benefits of clean technology and green energy principles, supported by the projects of each company. Project EDEN’s electric vehicle charging structures revolve around the concept of “Green Energy for Green Vehicles”, which provides electric vehicle drivers with free electric battery charging. This will be supported by the rapid income generated by advertisements placed atop the parking structures. Additionally, EVE is bringing luxury electric vehicles to the Israeli auto market, which will be able to charge their batteries from the parking structures of EDEN. ERI’s vast experience and knowledge with solar energy panels brings extensive support to the energy dynamics of EDEN and EVE.

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Mon. July 15th, 2024

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