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HAPPICH, the leading supplier of interior fittings for commercial and special-purpose vehicles, is launching itself in China. “HAPPICH Industrial Parts Co. Ltd.” started work in Shanghai in September 2012 as a wholly foreign-owned enterprise (WFOE). It will produce high-end HAPPICH products such as components and locking systems for China’s booming domestic market and for export.

Two years ago when he took over this long-standing German company, HAPPICH Managing Partner Marc Pelzer said, “Our focus will no longer be solely on Europe,” and he has since implemented that announcement step by step. Following company start-ups in Turkey and Spain, HAPPICH will soon be manufacturing in the Chinese market as well. “As a WFOE we can operate more independently and deliver our quality locally to commercial vehicle manufacturers based in China.” Business is being overseen by Patrick Emde HAPPICH General Manager in China. “Those who fulfil the start-up conditions and can offer a reliable working relationship will enjoy long-term success in China.” Emde has experience of Asia, and is familiar with both the different mentality and the customs. The business manager and graduate purchasing manager has been with HAPPICH for 12 years, his most recent position being Head of the Components corporate platform. “China is crying out for quality. We can score with our know-how with regard to process workflows and the high quality of our products made with original tools, thus convincing manufacturers that they do not need to import our quality but can order it from us directly in China.” Emde is assisted by Ellen Wann. This new Chinese employee studied in Germany and has worked with various respected industrial companies.

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Sat. July 13th, 2024

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