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CHEP Automotive Solutions Introduces New Container Designed to Improve the Economics of Logistics

CHEP Automotive Solutions, the global leader in container pooling services, announced today the introduction of the IcoQube, a container specifically designed to improve shipping capacity while withstanding the extreme conditions inside sea containers.

The IcoQube is being introduced in conjunction with the Automotive Logistics Global Conference, held Sept. 25 – 27 in Detroit. CHEP Automotive Solutions is a Gold Sponsor of this event.

The IcoQube is sturdy and robust, ensuring the best possible protection for the goods within. It is also stackable, which results in improved shipping capacity of 8 to 10 percent, compared to conventional disposable packaging. Simply put – manufacturers will be able to put more goods into a sea container since the IcoQube completely fills out either a 40 foot high or standard sea container depending on sizes chosen. The IcoQube comes in 4 different sizes designed to meet customer needs. And like all CHEP containers, the IcoQube is reusable, which significantly reduces the waste associated with traditional packaging.

The IcoQube is the latest offering from CHEP and provides a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution to the problems automotive manufacturers and suppliers face with intercontinental shipping. Inside sea vessels, shipping containers are subject to extreme climate conditions and high levels of humidity. When crossing the equator, for example, temperatures rapidly rise more than 140 degrees Fahrenheit. And on the high seas, containers must withstand forces of up to 2g. Cardboard boxes often collapse under these extreme conditions, resulting in damage to the components being transported.

“The auto industry is global in nature,” said Pierre-Luc Mathieu, Vice President, General Manager, CHEP Automotive Americas. “Automakers and suppliers are expected to get their products from Point A to Point B in record time and in mint condition, but these two points could be on opposite sides of the globe. The IcoQube provides the most effective way to achieve this. It’s the latest example of how CHEP is setting the standard in container management.”

About Container Pooling

With CHEP’s container pooling network (also known as container management), auto manufacturers and suppliers can “hire” the number of containers they need to transport their components from one manufacturing facility to another. Customers can enter an order online at any time to receive the required number of containers. As soon as they are no longer needed, CHEP collects the containers and brings them to the nearest service center, where they are cleaned and serviced. After that, they are ready to be returned to the supply chain.

This pooling system has many benefits:

— The customer does not have to worry about procurement, storage,
maintenance, transport or handling.
— The customer is not responsible for replacing missing containers or
— The customer is able to focus on its own core business.
— CHEP’s reusable containers provide a reliable, cost-effective and
environmentally friendly alternative to traditional disposable shipping
— CHEP’s containers come in a variety of sizes that can be exchanged at
any time by a simple online ordering process.

About CHEP

CHEP is a global leader in managed, returnable and reusable packaging solutions, serving many of the world’s largest companies in sectors such as consumer goods, fresh produce, beverage and automotive. CHEP’s service is environmentally sustainable and increases efficiency for customers while reducing operating risk and product damage. CHEP’s 7,000-plus employees and 300 million pallets and containers offer unbeatable coverage and exceptional value, supporting more than 500,000 customer touch-points in more than 50 countries. Our customer portfolio includes global companies and brands such as Procter & Gamble, Sysco, Kellogg’s, Kraft, Nestl√©, Ford and GM. CHEP is part of Brambles Limited.

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Thu. July 18th, 2024

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