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China Tires & Rubber Tech Fair 2013


China Biggest Tire Trade Show

After the grand success of CTF2012, Shandong Rubber Industry Association and Qingdao Jinnoc Expo Co., Ltd are organizing the 10th edition of China Tires & Rubber Technology Fair from 9-11.Apr. 2013 in Qingdao International Convention Center, P.R.China.

China Tires & Rubber Tech Fair focuses completely on the development of the rubber and tire industries in China and it is a prestigious exhibition established in 2004 that completely devotes itself in exhibiting the awestruck rubber processing equipment, finished tire products and the tire related products such as tire accessories, rims, retreading material and machinery. The abundant product series make CTF to become one of the most successful trade show in the world wide tire industry chain and it also provides a good opportunity for the worldwide buyers and supplier to meet. A Fair, Friendly and Faithful trading environment is guaranteed.

Why CTF?

Qingdao, as one of the Northeast Asia Shipping Center, the International Famous Port City, National Garden city, National Sanitary City,the heart of Shandong peninsula economic zone (8 cities) has got the United Nations human settlement environment example prize, and has become the most suitable city for human living and investment.

Qingdao-Trade Center of Tire and Rubber Industry


Half of the total output in rubber industry in China is contributed by Shandong Peninsula area in which Qingdao city plays a leading role. Tire output in Shandong accounts for 52%, and tire exports account for half of the total amount in China. Currently, there are around 300 tire manufacturers in Shandong province, and half of the top ten famous tire brands in China belong here. According to European Rubber Journal, 24 manufacturers of China mainland are listed in Global tire top 75, among which 11 are from Shandong province.

More importantly, a Qingdao rubber industry chain which integrates academic activities, R&D, production and trade is formed by Qingdao port, the second largest port with one hundred million tons of export-import capacity, Qingdao University of Science and Technology which is known as ‘Whampoa Military Academy in rubber industry’ and a plurality of researching institutions and academies in rubber industry, rubber machinery manufacturers, professional software providers and freight forwarders. Qingdao has become a worldwide famous trade center of tires as well as a rubber industry cluster with an indubitably good environment for the industry and the market. Moreover, the first State Engineering Laboratory of Advanced Equipment and Crucial Material of Tires in China was constructed by Qingdao University of Science and Technology, Mensac Co., Ltd and Sailun Co., Ltd, which further enhances technological background of Qingdao in tire and rubber industry.


CTF-Creating Tremendous Opportunity in Asian-Pacific Area

China (Qingdao) International Tire Fair (thereafter called CTF) has been successively held for nine sessions since 2004. For the past nine years, participants have increased remarkably year by year, and CTF grows larger and larger as time goes by. Now CTF has grown up to a prestigious international platform for information exchange, market development, and entrepreneurial communication in the industry in Asian-Pacific area. CTF successfully helps exhibitors promote their brands and makes great contribution to improving their competitiveness in international market.


Tenth Anniversary

Plenty of money has been invested in advertisement since the first session of CTF. In 2013, the tenth anniversary of CTF, advertising investment will be doubled, exhibition area will reach 40000 square meters, and more than 20000 visitors are expected. Meanwhile, there will be additional programs in CTF2013, such as the first session of China International Tire Festival and 2013 China Annual Conference in Tire Industry-China International Tire Technology Summit Forum. The organizer will arrange for visits at tire manufacturing bases and send special invitation to both overseas delegations and domestic purchaser groups.

Detailed Event Profile:

China Tires & Rubber Tech Fair 2013 will gather over 300 leading rubber industries and will welcome more than 10000 traders who have their contribution in the tire and rubber industrial sectors. The qualified and proficient buyers will be facilitated with warm and satisfying services provided by the exhibitors and they can also examine the related equipmentand finished products displayed in over 1000 booth stands. Rubber conference programs are organized to provide whole new and complete information about the developments that occurred. This rubber and tire themed exhibition will be celebrating its grand 10th anniversary and this to be successful event will be running for a course of three consecutive days and will be held at Qingdao International Convention Center.

Event Highlights:

Focused International exhibition on tires & rubber industry

More than 300 exhibitors and 1000 booths expected

More than 10,000 Business Visitors expected

Buyer–Seller meets

2013 International Tire Festival

2013 Rubber Technology Summit for Tire Industry

Happy Tires Challenge

Exhibition Catalogue:

China Tires & Rubber Tech Fair 2013 will involve the participation of more than 300 wellknown companies. The exhibited product range and services comprise of:

1.       Tires, Casings, Tubes                    

Run-flat tires; bias and radial tires; inner tubes; green tires; new and retreaded commercial, automobiles, motorcycles, agricultural, industrial, off the road, tractor, bicycle, aircraft tires etc.

2.       Wheels / Rims            

Steel and light metal rims for automobiles, commercial, earthwork machines and agricultural vehicles; wheel covers, etc.

3.       Tire Accessories         

4.       Equipment for Tire Repairs  

5.       Natural rubber, raw materials, manufacturing equipment

6.       Trade Associations, press, publishers, Institutions

7.       Other related services and products       Logistics, certification, insurance, financial service…etc

The above list is NOT EXHAUSTIVE, please contact us if you cannot find your product on the list.





Apr.7 , 2013
09:00 – 16:00

Registration and Move-in at the venue (Exhibitors employing raw space)

Apr.8, 2013
09:00 – 16:00

Registration and Move-in at the venue

(All exhibitors)
Apr.9 – 10,2013
09:00 – 16:00

CTF2013: Exhibition & Seminars

Apr.11, 2013
09:00 – 12:00
Apr. 11, 2013
13:00 – 18:00


The show will be open from 9th to 11th April 2013 on Qingdao International Convention Center, Shandong Province, China

Visitor Profile:

China Tires & Rubber Tech Fair 2013 will welcome over 10000 high profile executives from the rubber and tire sector. There will be:

1. Manufacturers of tires

2. Manufacturers of Rubber industrial machinery

3. CEOs, Engineers, Technocrats and scientists

4. Marketing Chiefs, Professional and consultants

5. Policy makers and international commercial corps

6. Head- R&D, Regulatory affairs & Quality Managers

7. Industry Associations and Trade Delegations

8. Consultants, Contract Research

9. Trade Delegates Organizations, Contract Manufacturers

10. Auto Professionals

Exhibitor Center

Why Exhibit?

The exhibitors participating in this show will be availed with the following business benefits, such as:

Do not let your competitors take away your business

Display your new products, technologies and brand name, and develop your market in China;

Face-to-face communication with domestic and international industrial decision-makers;

Concurrent Conference on the Rubber Sector

Explore new customers and strengthen the relationship with existing customers;

An extensive and carefully planned multi-media campaign

An extensive PR, advertising and direct marketing campaign

Participation Cost:

Option 1: Standard Booth (3 x 3 m2) – USD 2000


a. three partition walls, carpet, one fascia with company name and booth number, one counter, two chairs, one socket, one waste paper basket and power supply (220 V/5A)

b. cleaning of booth and passage

☆Please refer to the service center if you need other facilities

☆An additional 10% will be charged for a double-openning standard booth


Option 2: Raw Space (minimum. 18 m2) – USD 200/m

Facilities and construction management fee are not included.

Seminar Charge
USD 950 per session

Incuding: space, illumination, platform, chairs, drink water, stereo system, white board, projector, 220V power supply etc.

Advertisement Opportunity:
By the following advertisement channels, you can further promote your products Before, During and After the show comprehensively:

Type of Advertisement


1.       Exhibition


Placing advertisement in CTF show directories is year-round channel to promote your products and companies since all show directories will be distributed to the exhibitors and the visiting professionals including relevant associations, manufacturers, suppliers, buyers and those professionals who are unable to attend the fair.

2. Website

Updated news regarding to the tire industry and CTF will be released on CTF website continuously. By this round-the-clock advertisement, you can further promote your products and company to every parts of the world.

3. Venue advertisement

By placing an impressive advertisement inside or outside the venue will undoubtedly grab the first glance of every visitor coming to CTF.

â… .Advertisement in Show Directory

The show directory (185mm×260mm) will be printed with art paper and distributed to associations and professionals who want to learn more about exhibitors or didn’t make it to visit the show. Although it is true that we will put the profile of each exhibitor into the show directory for free, exquisite advertisement on the front cover, back cover etc. will surely draw much more attention.

Front Cover
Back Cover
Front Page

Colorful Inside Page

Black-and-White Inside Page

Exhibitor Profile

(Company introduction)
Price (USD)

160 (for free if you have a booth)


A: Applicants make advertisement design by themselves and send the design to the organizer before March 10th, 2013 by emails

B: Specification of advertisement: Format: JPG (*jpg); Resolution: 300DPI or above

C: Please make sure all files submitted can be printed


â…¡.Advertisement in Exhibition Preview

The exhibition preview, a colorful art paper booklet (160mm×240mm) with words and images, will be sent to roughly 100,000 professional visitors from all sessions of CTF 45 days before the show through our database.

Front Cover
Back Cover
Front Page

Colorful Inside Page

Black-and-White Inside Page

Exhibitor Profile

Price (USD)













300 (for free if you have a booth)


. â…¢.Advertisement on Participant Badge (Back Side)

Participant badges are cards carried by visitors and exhibitors throughout the show.

Exhibitor Badge
Visitor Badge


A: Applicants make advertisement design by themselves and send the design to the organizer before March 10th, 2013 by email

B: Specification of advertisement: Format: JPG (*jpg); Resolution: 300DPI or above

C: Please make sure all files submitted can be printed

D: This ad is provided for only one enterprise
â…£. Advertisement on Badge Lanyard

Badge Lanyards will be widely distributed by the organizer on the show. You can put your company logo and website on the lanyards.

Price: 320 USD for 3000 lanyards (this ad is prepared for one enterprise only)

Deadline: March 10th, 2013
â…¤. Advertisement on Ticket
Size: 210*90mm
Price: 500 USD for 5000 tickets

Note: A: Applicants make advertisement design by themselves and send the design to the organizer before March 10th, 2013 by emails

B: Specification of advertisement: Format: JPG (*jpg); Resolution: 300DPI or above

C: Please make sure all files submitted can be printed


â…¥. Advertisement on Bag

Bags will be distributed among visitors and exhibitors for carrying files. It’s a good opportunity for advertisement since the bags will be widely used throughout the show.

Price: 800 USD for 2000 bags (this ad is prepared for one enterprise only)


Organizer Details:

Qingdao Jinnoc Int’l Expo Co. Ltd

Founded in 1999, Qingdao Jinnoc Int’l Expo Co., Ltd
is one of the leading organizer of industrial and machinery exhibition with operations in Qingdao, Shenyang, Wuhan and Guangzhou in China. Focused on providing customers with valuable and professional exhibition services, the company held more than a dozen regular annual professional exhibitions, covering the field of machine tools, industrial automation, rubber, tires, packaging machinery, environmental protection, water treatment equipment etc.

At Jinnoc Expo, our focus is on a future of endless opportunities for our industry, our customers and our employees.

Contact Person: Wendi

Tel: 86-532-55552901(G)

86-532-55552923 (D)

Fax: 86-532-55552903

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