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Energy Globe Iran for Sarcheshmeh Copper – more than 1000 participants at ceremony in Teheran

More than 1,000 invited guests, the big players in Iranian politics and business, gathered at the conference center of Iranian TV in Tehran to witness the presentation of the 2013 Energy Globe Iran award. Recipient of the award was Sarcheshmeh National Iranian Copper.

Sincere applause, poetry by famous Iranian poets and sura quotes from the Qur’an describing the beauties of nature, together with beautiful nature images on three large LED screens added an extra special feeling to the award ceremony. “Whoever might think that sustainability and energy efficiency are a non-issue in an oil-rich country such as Iran, needs to think again. Quite the contrary is true,” says Wolfgang Neumann, founder of Energy Globe, who was also the guest of honor and laudatory speaker.

The Energy Globe Award ceremony was highlight to the official opening of the Green Management Conference, an annual event sponsored by the Iranian Society for Green Management (ISGM). Its president, Mohammed Hassan Emami, gave a stirring speech in the conference center’s auditorium, which was filled to capacity, stating, “It is our duty to ensure a sustainable future. This is a path we need to walk with passion and commitment. This is a challenge to each and every one of us.”

There are many businesses in Iran who have been listening to this message. ‘Green management’ is an extremely popular award and was designed as a quality label for sustainability by ISGM, an affiliate of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce. Only businesses with a proven track record of sustainability along the entire production chain are awarded this certificate. Based on a rigorous point system, each step in production is given a certain number of points by experts. There are three certificate levels, depending on the number of points awarded. “This is truly a unique system. Europeans could well profit from taking a closer look at this idea, especially as far as the practical implementation is concerned’, says Neumann.

The Energy Globe Award was the perfect addition to this ongoing development. Many Iranians are familiar with the Energy Globe Award and it is highly esteemed. A number of projects were entered at the 2013 Energy Globe Award, four of which were nominated and presented at the conference.

The winner, Sarcheshmeh Copper, received the award for its outstanding implementation of comprehensive sustainability measures that are primarily geared towards reducing energy consumption as well as drastically reducing ecological damage from toxic waste such as askarel. The other nominees were Mapna Qeshn Water & Power Cogeneration Company for its design of a cogeneration power plant; Iranian Fuel Conservation Company for its comprehensive heating and energy analysis concept for apartment buildings; and Karun Oil and Gas Production Company for its design and implementation of a mobile oil treatment system (M.O.T.), where unclean oil from initial drilling phases is not burned (thus avoiding more environmental pollution), but, instead, is cleaned and re-used at the refinery.

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