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As International AERO Products celebrates its second anniversary, International AERO looks back at the legacy that started it all.

International AERO consists of three companies, which continue to set the standards others follow in the aerospace and automotive industries: International AERO Services, International AERO Engineering and International AERO Products. International AERO’s unsurpassed commitment to customer service, innovation and record of excellence is fueled by the passion founder Jonathan Saltman has for aircraft and automobiles. Saltman, President and CEO of International AERO, found his love for these vehicles at a young age, and actually began training for his pilot’s license before he was old enough to receive a driver’s license. Years later, International AERO Services was born to serve all the detailing and restoration needs of mid to large cabin aircraft.

International AERO Services, IAS, was founded in 1986. IAS offers an array of services to its aircraft customers, such as, exterior and interior cleaning, exterior painting, restoration, custom upholstery and custom interior finishes. With IAS’s dedication to using the best products and techniques possible to detail, protect and restore aircraft, unique cleaning and detailing products were developed by Saltman and his crew. The event of developing an exclusive line of products quickly set IAS apart because each product is made with the best raw materials found in today’s market, and chemists continue research and development to ensure IAS is always using the most up-to-date chemicals and technology to clean and protect aircraft surfaces. Working with the finest fabrics, leathers, metals and wood in IAS’s upholstery shop inspired a product line that was gentle enough to use on the most delicate surfaces, but still tough enough to cut through grease, dirt and debris. The same ideology was used for the products developed by IAS for the exterior of the aircraft with their experience in painting, applying protectants and brightwork polishing.

International AERO’s attention to detail and innovative technology expands to sister company International AERO Engineering, IAE. IAE specializes in the design, engineering and fabrication of specialized tools and test equipment along with the fabrication of precision machined parts and components. The company is AS9100 certified and has full five-axis machine capability along with in-house CMM measuring and test capability. Furthermore, IAE also offers manufacturers their expertise in research and development with completing projects from concept to the finial product. The company, founded in 1998, does not confine their services to inventing test equipment, electrical engineering and developing ground support equipment. IAE works with IAS in project management of mid to large cabin aircraft and helicopters. Combining the expertise of both companies allows for customers to create the most luxurious aircraft on Earth, whether it is a new aircraft or restoration of an older aircraft. With IAS’s upholstery services customers can restore cabin furniture or create the custom cabin furniture of their dreams with the most decadent fabrics found all around the world. IAE works closely with IAS in project management when building and fabricating the interior components of the aircraft to guarantee all components meet the design requirements and assist in building intricate framework. IAE also offers custom lighting and custom illuminated artwork for the interior of the aircraft. In addition, IAS and IAE work together to fabricate, apply finishes and install custom cabinets and other interior surfaces. From start to finish, IAS and IAE monitor and inspect all facets of completion to insure quality and unsurpassed results.

In 2011, Saltman’s love for automobiles inspired International AERO’s newest company, International AERO Products, IAP. For years, IAS customers asked for the products used to clean their aircraft so they could use them on their cars. After years of success using the company’s exclusive products on aircraft, International AERO launched IAP, providing the world with the most exclusive and luxury car care line recommended by Edelbrock.

“It is with a heartfelt thank you to our rapidly growing customer base, and a sincere pleasure to celebrate our 2 year anniversary since we introduced our product line to the automotive industry,” says Saltman. “The incredible, rapid growth of our popularity and high praises we receive daily has been extremely rewarding. Our mission remains steadfast; we will provide our customers with the finest products in the world!!!”

Currently, the line includes twelve products that IAS uses for their detail and cleaning services. The line includes: FINALE, Final Wipe Down; SHINE, Dry Wash and Speed Wax; VIEW, Glass and Multi-Surface Cleaner; IMMACULATE, Interior Cleaner; SUPPLE, Leather Conditioner; POLISH, Metal and Aluminum Polish; SUDS, Wet-Wash Soap; PROTECT, Tire and Vinyl Dressing; SPOT, Carpet and Fabric Cleaner; AWAY, Tire and Engine Cleaner; GLIDE, Polymer-Infused Clay Bar and SHIELD, 2-Part Paint Protectant. Since these products are still used today to clean and maintain multi-million dollar aircraft, car enthusiasts can be assured they are using the ultimate chemicals to protect the car’s exterior and detail and deep clean interior surfaces. IAP is now available in stores in North America, Europe and Asia.

International AERO’s continued success and dedication to providing customers with the best services and products available began because of a love for aircraft and automobiles. Due to the passion for these vehicles, all three of International AERO’s companies continue to develop and expand their services to remain the standard that others follow.

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About International AERO Products
International AERO Products are designed to withstand the most extreme environments on Earth, from airfield surface temperatures that can reach 120° F to a frigid -60° F at 50,000 feet above the Earth. Until now, AERO products have only been available to the aerospace industry for maintaining the world’s most exclusive aircraft. International AERO Products offers a wide selection of quality tested and approved cleaning, polishing, protective coating and detailing products for all of your vehicle’s maintenance needs. To find out where to purchase AERO products visit or call (800) 337- 9274.

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