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Next Generation Automotive Management Technology Comes to China

ANV Security Group has developed a powerful and affordable remote video monitoring tool for vehicle owners in China.

The Company’s Global Intelligent Eye (GIE) platform allows private vehicle owners and fleet vehicle managers to remotely monitor, track and record the activities of their vehicles to cloud storage servers. GIE uses mobile telephony and proprietary hardware technology to provide real-time live video and sound feeds to customer’s internet enabled devices- handhelds, laptops, smartphones and computers.

For private vehicle owners that are interested in having the latest technology at their fingertips, GIE allows drivers to record where they are driving, or check in on their kids when they borrow the car. Combined with GPS tracking, the added security feature and anti-theft advantages are clear.

Fleet vehicle owners, whether a trucking and shipping company or a corporation with multiple service and employee vehicles on the road, have the most to gain from GIE’s technology. Awareness, Security and Profitability are the key goals of using GIE. Fleet managers can monitor what is going on inside and outside of their vehicles and track the location easily from a desktop or a handheld device.

“We are seeing increased interest in our technology from fleet vehicle owners,” said ANV Security Group Chairman, Wilson Wang. Adding, “Business owners want to know what is going on with the huge investment they’ve made into their fleets and our company now has the ability to put powerful management tools into their hands.”

China’s auto market is the largest in the world and growing at a staggering pace. AlixPartners, a consulting firm, has forecasted that China’s auto sales will grow from 19 million last year to 31 million by 2020. According to McKinsey, a research firm, by 2020 the premium end of the market is expected to grow at a rate of 12% per year and the overall auto market growing 8% as a whole. Mr. Wang went on to say, “The level of growth in China’s private car market represents a huge opportunity for ANV Security Group and we believe we have the right technology and product to appeal to a large percentage of consumers.”

For just pennies a day per installed unit, ANV’s GIE platform is becoming a “must-have” for fleet vehicle and private automobile owners. With more capabilities constantly being added to ANV’s mobile range of GIE products and services, the Company looks to experience surging demand within the automotive sector.

The Company says that the GIE automotive service will soon become available in other markets and welcomes inquiries.

About ANV Group

ANV Security Group, Inc. (ANVS) was formally established in 2006 and became a public company in 2009 through a reverse merger transaction. Registered as a Nevada corporation, the Company currently trades on the OTCBB exchange under the stock symbol “ANVS”. In 2010, the Company moved its headquarters from Vancouver, Canada to Shenzhen, a Special Economic Zone, in Southern China, where it continues to focus on research and development of its technology platforms and service solutions.

As a research and development company, ANVS developed and patented the world’s first large-scale cloud-based intelligent video and security alarm technology, having been issued its patent in October 2009 (US2009/0265747A1). The patent and technology enables multi-platform security monitoring and alerts that are scalable for multinational enterprises and even home usage. Any triggered alarm instantly alerts users via SMS, e-mail, telephone, mobile phone, or a combination of any, worldwide, and captures the event images in video surveillance servers.

In 2011, ANV Security Group launched Global Intelligent Eye (GIE) to be a cost effective digital security monitoring solutions service provider for customers large and small. Tested in Canada and launched in China, GIE is focused on customer support and backend service for its multi-platform security monitoring and alerts in real-time through the internet or 3G networks. Customers are able to use a desktop computer, laptop, smart phone, or any other internet enabled device to visually monitor their locations where ANV devices have been installed.

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Tue. May 28th, 2024

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